Impressive Wine Gift Sets To Spread Holiday Cheer According To Reviews

As the holiday season approaches, panic can start to set in as we contemplate the perfect gift for each of our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. In your quest to find a fitting present, why not consider the timeless elegance of a carefully selected wine gift set? Whether buying for a casual wine drinker or seasoned connoisseur, a wine basket is guaranteed to be a hit and bring joy this festive season.

We've done the hard work for you and selected the ideal wine gift set no matter what type of person you are buying for. From robust reds to crisp whites and savory accompaniments to alcohol-free options, this guide is designed for a wide range of preferences. Let us lead you through the world of wine baskets and gift sets, to help you find the perfect holiday offering to keep everyone feeling merry and bright.

How we chose our wine gift sets

In creating our guide to the best wine gift sets to spread holiday cheer, we have taken a thorough approach to ensure our recommendations are based on product quality and customer satisfaction. Our selections are supported by extensive research, including scrutinizing customer reviews of both vendors and the wine gift sets themselves, as well as awards that highlight the excellence of certain wines.

While cost is, of course, an important factor when considering a gift, we know that more expensive doesn't always mean better quality, so we have chosen options considered to be good value for money. Our chosen sets are judged not only by the wine — though it is the hero of the gift — but also by additional factors such as packaging, sustainability, and the value of any added accompaniments.

No matter who your gift is for, we believe these wine gift sets represent the best option within each category and will give the receiver a gift they can truly savor. Get the festive period started in style with gifts that will allow friends and family to create joyous memories and bring cheer to the holiday season.

Harry & David: Best overall wine gift set

If you are looking for a wine gift set that ticks all the boxes on both the wine and food front, this artisan set from Harry & David is the perfect choice. With umami flavors from the smoked salmon and dry Milano salami and the sumptuous Gouda and Sartori BellaVitano Gold Cheese, this set ensures a quality gourmet experience. The stars of the show are the three award-winning wines — two red and one white — that will get the celebrations off to a great start. The combination of savory and sweet foods means this is the ideal gift for any food and wine lover to leave a lasting impression this holiday season.

Buy Artisan Appetizers Tray with Wine from Harry & David for $179.99.

Wine Country Gift Baskets: Best red wine gift set

For the red wine lover in your life, consider this red wine holiday selection as the perfect Christmas gift. This exquisite wine basket from Kiarna Wines features a velvety cabernet sauvignon and a vibrant pinot noir to please any fan of the red grape. Accompanied by a variety of savory and sweet snacks, including smoked gouda cheese and melt-in-your-mouth Lindt chocolate, this red wine gift set is a symphony of flavors that is sure to delight. One reviewer had this to say, "The basket arrived on time and my sister said it was absolutely beautiful." Whether your recipient is a keen red wine enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of wine, this holiday-themed gift basket captures the spirit of the holidays with every mouthful.

Purchase Red Wine Holiday Selection from Wine Country Gift Baskets for $79.95.

Gourmet Gift Baskets: Best white wine gift set

If you're looking for some crisp white wine as a Christmas gift this year, consider this classic white wine basket, which offers a delightful blend of flavors and textures to accompany the alcohol. With savory snacks, including handcrafted salami and rosemary crackers, and sweet delights, such as hazelnut wafers, this gift basket oozes with gourmet elegance. The star of the basket is the Italian pinot grigio, whose fresh and fruity flavor will complement the savory elements perfectly, such as the smooth garlic cheddar cheese. This gourmet basket is a superb choice for casual wine drinkers and aficionados alike.

Buy Classic White Wine Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $84.99.

Harry & David: Best rosé wine gift set

For those who simply cannot choose between red and white, why not compromise with a floral rosé wine gift set? This pink-themed wine basket is the ideal gift for those with a sweet tooth, containing delightful sweet treats, including a strawberry-studded chocolate bar and a pink lemonade lollipop. The gift set also includes two elegant stemless wine glasses to enjoy the fruity Harry & David rosé wine that is the centerpiece of this basket. This beautiful gift set is a treat for the eyes as well as the palate and will make the perfect festive gift for loved ones and colleagues alike.

Purchase Stop and Smell the Rosé from Harry & David for $109.99.

We Drink Bubbles: Best sparkling wine gift set

If your recipient has a passion for fizz, this Bubbles 101 gift set will have them sparkling with delight. The beautiful celebration set comes with an elegant rose gold champagne stopper to complement the three small-batch bottles of sparkling wine. Small-batch wine benefits from meticulous attention to detail and care during the winemaking process, resulting in a wine that is full of flavor and character.  This sparkling wine gift set will bring joy to any wine lover and make a wonderful gift to celebrate the festive season.

Buy Bubbles 101 Gift Set from We Drink Bubbles for $112. Best mixed wine gift set

Can't decide whether that important person in your life would prefer a red or white wine gift set? No need to agonize over it, as this mixed wine basket provides the best of both worlds. Featuring six bottles of wine from renowned Californian wine regions, the four reds and two whites provide a delicious tour of the golden state without leaving the comfort of your home. This wine set is the perfect gift to introduce friends or family to the diverse flavors the Californian vineyards have to offer, from a fruity Napa Valley white to a deep Sonoma County red.

Purchase the California Wine Tour Collection from for $99.99.

Organic Wine Exchange: Best organic wine gift set

This Christmas, why not give a gift that benefits both the recipient and Mother Earth with an organic wine gift set? Carefully sourced from family farms, each bottle is produced using natural farming methods free from harsh chemicals and with low environmental impact, creating an authentic wine experience that is untarnished by chemical additives. This person from Wine Club Reviews, said "This is a wonderful wine subscription to give someone who wants to drink organic, biodynamic, or no sulfites added wines." This six-bottle option allows you to choose red, white, rosé, sparkling, or a mixed selection — each guaranteed to be organic or biodynamic. Whichever color of wine you choose, let's toast to a green and sustainable holiday season.

Purchase the Organic Wine Sampler from Organic Wine Exchange for $114.

Somm Select: Best wine subscription gift

This holiday season, choose a gift that will bring joy long after the Christmas tree is gone. With a pre-paid wine subscription, your recipient can receive four bottles of high-quality wine every month, accompanied by expert tasting notes. SommSelect is owned by Master Sommelier Ian Cauble, who was featured in the Netflix documentary Somm. They offer a number of wine subscriptions, but their most popular club, the Explore 4, stands out as an excellent gift. Each month will feature four bottles from around the world based on a theme, making it the ideal gift for connoisseurs and novices alike. A great holiday gift for those who like a bit of adventure in their life!

Buy a pre-paid subscription to Explore 4 from Somm Select — $360 for three months.

Wine Country Gift Baskets: Best dessert wine gift set

For the dessert wine lovers in your life, treat them to this delightful duo of Windwhistle Moscato red and white. The vibrant white, with its peach and melon notes, makes a refreshing addition to any festive table, matching particularly well with dessert and cheese. The fruity red Moscato, with its bouquet of fresh berries, is perfect for sipping in front of a cozy fire, making this sweet wine gift set the ideal Christmas present for those who enjoy the sweeter things in life. A reviewer said, "My friend was tickled to receive the Windwhistle Moscato. It is her favorite wine."

Purchase Windwhistle Moscato and Red Moscato from Wine Country Gift Baskets for $44.95.

Harry & David: Best wine and chocolate gift set

Treat your loved ones to the ultimate indulgence with a wine and chocolate gift set from Harry & David. Featuring a best-in-class 2019 Merlot and Ross Lane red blend, both from the Rogue Valley of Oregon, the wines pair beautifully with the selection of decadent dark and milk chocolates that accompany them. From chocolate-covered cherries to complement the fruity notes of the wine to a selection of decadent chocolate truffles, this gift box is a celebration of sophisticated and luxurious flavors that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Oh, and did we mention it also comes with a salted caramel dark chocolate bar? One happy customer had this to say, "We ordered the wine and chocolate gift box for my mom for Mother's Day and she absolutely loved it."

Buy Sweet Treats Wine Pairing Collection from Harry and David for $119.99.

Harry & David: Best wine and cheese gift set

A cheese lover's delight, this savory wine gift box contains an umami-rich assortment of cured meats, cheeses, and crackers paired with two decadent bottles of red wine. This beautifully presented wine basket contains the perfect selection of snacks to join the award-winning bottle of Pinot Noir — rich smoked sausage, smooth gouda, and crunchy seeded crackers. The inclusion of luxurious condiments complements the meats and cheeses and accentuates the depth of the wines. This wine basket will be a sophisticated gift for any wine and cheese lover.

Buy Meat, Cheese, and Wine Gift Box from Harry & David for $124.99.

Windsor Vineyards: Best personalized wine gift set

A personalized wine gift set is the perfect way to show a thoughtful touch with your Christmas gift this year. With the ability to upload your own photo, write a personal message, and even change the font, you can create a bespoke wine gift that will show you care. The contents of this picnic wine gift will keep them happy, too, with three bottles of wine and the perfect set to enjoy al fresco. A wine enthusiast from Wine Club Group said, "I've fallen in love with Windsor Vineyards' wines."

Whether they choose to save the contents of the basket until the next picnic-worthy day or devour it now and have a beautiful basket to use for their next outdoor culinary adventure, your recipient will love this unique and delicious gift. 

Purchase the Wine & Picnic Gift Set from Windsor Vineyards for $96.

Better Rhodes: Best non-alcoholic wine gift set

Just because a friend or colleague is teetotal doesn't mean they should miss out on the fun and extravagance of a wine gift basket. Make their festive season merry with this great mixed selection of non-alcoholic wines from Better Rhodes. With red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines included, this gift basket caters to all palates and occasions. Ideal for celebrating during the holiday season without alcohol, this selection of wines ensures that everyone can toast in the Christmas season and New Year, regardless of their drinking preferences. One buyer said, "This was a wonderful way to sample a variety of wine options."

Buy Better Non-Alcoholic Wine Variety Collection from Better Rhodes for $124.99.

In Good Taste: Best wine-tasting gift set

Allow your friends and family to take a tour of the heart of Europe from the comfort of their dining room with this wine-tasting gift basket. Featuring eight small bottles of classic wines from Italy and France, this flight of wines is the perfect way to introduce the recipient to a variety of grapes from famous European wine regions. From Languedoc to Sicily, each bottle offers a glimpse into the unique winemaking techniques of the region. This wine gift set is proof that good things come in small packages. This reviewer said, "Fantastic gift. This was gifted to me at first and now I gift this to everyone!!"

Purchase Vine Voyage from In Good Taste for $65.00.

Hickory Farms: Best wine and savory snacks gift set

Treat the gourmet in your life to a delicious savory wine basket from Hickory Farms. It is brimming with umami treats like summer sausages made from beef and turkey and a selection of fine cheese, including smoked cheddar and cheese and onion. Two bottles of Californian wine — one white, one red — complete the set and pair beautifully with the savory assortment and condiments. Presented in an eco-friendly water hyacinth basket, this wine gift set is the perfect present for those who appreciate the finer things in life. A reviewer said, "Fast delivery and Delicious! Great gift for my Dad, so ordered the same for someone else!"

Buy a Hearty Bites and Wine gift basket from Hickory Farms for $99.99.

Wine Basket: Best wine and sweet snacks gift set

If you are looking for a gift for a sweet-toothed friend or colleague, look no further than the Wine Lover's Collection Gift Basket. This exquisite selection of wine and chocolate treats offers a rich tapestry of flavors, from the plummy Cabernet Sauvignon to the luxurious artisan truffles. With two bottles each of red and white wine, the variety ensures there is a bottle to match every sweet indulgence. Elegantly packaged in a black scalloped basket, this gift set will make the recipient's festive season even sweeter.

Purchase the Wine Lover's Collection Gift Basket from Wine Basket for $152.99.

Primal Wine: Best natural wine gift set

For the eco-conscious wine lover in your circle, give them a gift that has as much integrity as it does flavor. The natural wine movement has exploded in recent years, with many connoisseurs giving more thought to how their wine has been produced and what it contains. Choosing this classic Italian red trio of natural wines will give the recipient a chance to experience a selection of wines from hand-harvested grapes with zero chemicals added. For most people, this will be a unique wine experience and may open their eyes to the rich, untainted flavor of natural wines.

Purchase the Classic Italian Red Trio from Primal Wine for $99.

Wine Country Gift Baskets: Best luxury wine gift set

If you are looking for an extravagant gift for that special someone, the Ferrari-Carano Sonoma exclusive wine basket ticks all the boxes as a celebration of the finer things in life. The highlight of this wine basket is undoubtedly the four bottles of world-class Ferrari-Carano wine — a velvety Merlot, crisp Chardonnay, fruity Seina, and a bright, tropical fumé blanc.

The luxury of this gift set, however, doesn't end with the wines. The accompaniments have been specially selected to complement the opulent wines, from savory snacks such as cranberry and sesame cookies to indulgent sweets in the form of Godiva truffles. This luxurious gift set will leave a lasting impression this holiday season. "Our friends who received the basket were thrilled!" said one reviewer.

Purchase Ferrari-Carano Sonoma Exclusive Wine Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets for $297.