A Squeeze Of Lemon Juice Is All You Need For Next-Level Watermelon

Watermelon tastes good no matter how you eat it. Of course, the simplest way to enjoy it is in chunk or slice form. But, you could also get more creative by incorporating it into soups, salads, cocktails, and more. You could even try the viral TikTok crinkle-cut watermelon fries, opting for a side of homemade strawberry yogurt in lieu of ketchup. However, there's at least one more TikTok hack you should try for another refreshing take on the juicy fruit, which involves tucking into pieces of watermelon that have been splashed with lemon juice.

User @swaggy_mo_ shared the juicy tip in a video uploaded to the platform. In the video, he can be seen squeezing the juice from a halved lemon onto a plate of watermelon chunks. "It is so refreshing," he says after taking a few bites. "It's like I'm having a watermelon lemonade" (per TikTok). There's no denying the fact that the acidity of the zesty citrus juice can help elevate the flavors of various foods, watermelon included. And while pink lemonade is typically made with raspberry, using blended watermelon in your lemonade creates an irresistible treat.

Lemon juice works by brightening flavors

Lemon juice is a real tour de force when it comes to cooking, namely due to the fact that it's extremely acidic. Primarily composed of citric and malic acids, lemon juice can help to balance out ingredients in a meal, especially those that may taste underseasoned. Similarly, it can brighten the flavors in a dish that may have lost its luster, such as a stew that's been simmering for a long time. In this case, the juice can add a notable kick to the stew's overall flavor, which may have been diminished as its natural acids reduced while it cooked. Watermelon is delicious, but it can also be very one-note. A cheeky squeeze of lemon juice over the pink fruit can brighten things while adding dimension.


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Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the acidity of lemon juice can intensify the flavors of food by increasing saliva production. And, in terms of tasting food, saliva actually plays a pivotal role by dissolving food compounds so that they can be detected by taste receptors on the tongue. This could explain why the aforementioned TikToker was so enthralled by his watermelon-lemon juice concoction. However, the thick-skinned berry (yes — watermelon is a berry) isn't the only food that can benefit from a touch of lemon juice.

Use lemon juice to elevate other foods, too

When it comes to elevating flavors, citrus juice is often a more favorable option for professional chefs and home cooks alike because it doesn't overpower a dish as, say, a red wine vinegar would. And, from scrambled eggs and risotto to veggies and seafood, you can give just about any food a makeover with just a little squeeze of lemon juice. Bring frozen pizza to life with a hint of lemon juice – or use the zest to elevate a bland bag of microwaved popcorn. 

Which brings us to another pro tip: Go beyond the juice. Other parts of a lemon can be used in much the same too, including the zest, which is a good flavor-enhancing option when you don't want to add liquid to a recipe, such as cake, cookies, scones, muffins, or other baked goods. You can even infuse your cocktail or mocktail with a lemon curl garnish. In a nutshell: When life gives you lemons, make lemon juice, zest, or curls and add them to your food so it tastes better. Trust us — your watermelon will thank you.