Bring Fresh Or Frozen Pizza To Life With A Hint Of Lemon Juice

There are few meals in the world as delightful as pizza. Whether it's a fresh pie from your local pizzeria, a traditional thin crust from a high-class Italian eatery, or your favorite frozen pizza from the supermarket, nothing beats pizza! It's a quick, easy, and delicious dinner that's hassle-free and always fills the belly. And while most people don't think of pizza as gourmet, there are several things you can do to add a little pizazz to your pie. One of the simplest tricks involves splashing a touch of lemon juice on your pizza, be it frozen or delivered.

As former pizza chef Gretchen Holm told Insider, "The brightness of lemon gives that fresh note of flavor that frozen pizzas often lack." The chef also suggests adding a little zest or lemon-scented olive oil for a similar punch. This trick is great for fresh pizza, but it really helps to liven up the frozen stuff. If adding a few drops of tangy lemon juice doesn't float your boat, there are a number of other ways you can enhance the flavor of your pizza. 

Other tips for elevating frozen pizza

If you are all about toppings, chop up some fresh seasonal vegetables (peppers, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, etc.) and add them to your pizza. If you're a meat eater, dice up some ham or other cold meats and throw them on top. While this can be done with a freshly ordered pizza, it's a great trick to add oomph before putting a frozen pizza in the oven.

Layering your pie with extra cheese is also a must and you can use any cheese you like, from mozzarella to feta — just don't go overboard. Sprinkle lightly as too much cheese will give the pizza a heaviness while the ingredients buried underneath the cheese on a frozen pizza won't cook as well and you'll end up with a half-done pie. Another top tip Holm recommends is garlic butter. Drizzle some around the crust to enrich the flavor of your pizza, especially if it's a frozen crust that lacks pizzazz.

Don't forget the way you cook frozen pizza impacts the taste

When it comes to the taste of frozen pizza, it takes more than just adding a few extra ingredients to really elevate the taste. The way you cook the pie plays a major role in its freshness and tastiness. Ignore the recommended heat and turn your oven to the highest setting and cook your pizza for between five to eight minutes. You'll end up with a much crisper crust, which is something you want when cooking your own pizza. Anyone who makes pizzas routinely may want to invest in a pizza stone for their oven. These stones get hot — really hot — which gives you a crisp crust with no sogginess thanks to that even distribution of sizzling heat.

The ultimate way to cook pizza is by using a pizza oven, but if you don't have one (as most of us likely don't), try grilling on a barbecue. It might take a little longer, but this method will give the pie a smokey taste and really bring out the taste of the toppings. Once cooked, let the pizza rest for a few minutes to allow the flavors to merge together. Lastly, always remember to slice with a pizza cutter, as it's the best way to cut your pie without pulling the toppings off. Then all that's left to do is feast on your pie. Bon appetit!