TikTok's Crinkle-Cut Watermelon Fries Rely On One Simple Gadget

Watermelon is probably most commonly enjoyed in simple chunk or slice form — but the fruit is actually far more versatile. Puree it in a blender for a chilled watermelon and gazpacho soup, or chop it up to make a delicious, fruity salsa. Heck, you can even throw it on the barbecue to whip up the likes of a refreshing grilled watermelon salad. But now, thanks to the adventurous palates of TikTokers, you can also enjoy watermelon in french fry form with the help of one simple kitchen gadget aptly dubbed the crinkle cutter.

There are many different types of crinkle cutters — some feature ergonomic handles while others are shaped more like a traditional knife. But regardless of the style of handle, the innovative cutting tools all feature one thing: a wavy metal blade. Similar to conventional knives, the cutters can slice through fruits and veggies like the best of them. However, it's the tool's unique zigzag pattern, in particular, that gives crinkle-cut french fries their distinctive shape. But, hacking through potatoes isn't the only thing they're good for. They can tackle a watermelon too for the most quirky snack you'll probably ever have.

Crinkle cutters make the perfect watermelon fries

Watermelon fries may look like french fries — and, oddly enough, they crunch like them, too — but they're wholly made with the sweet, pink flesh of the juicy fruit — and no frying is required. However, a real side of fries, no matter what those fries are composed of, wouldn't be complete without some sort of dipping sauce.


🍉Watermelon "Fries" with Easy Strawberry Yogurt Dip: So fun and refreshing! Blend plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with 3 to 4 strawberries (and optional honey or other sweetener to taste) then serve with sticks of watermelon. I used a crinkle cutter which you can buy on Amazon or any kitchen store. Make sure to refrigerate and serve chilled! Happy summer!! #momsoftiktok #watermelon #funfood #healthykidsfood

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In lieu of ketchup, the TikToker @happykidskitchen served her crinkle-cut watermelon fries alongside a homemade strawberry yogurt dip. However, you can certainly get creative and whip up a creamy yogurt in a variety of flavors, from a coconut lime sauce to a simple yogurt and honey concoction. For a vegan version, simply opt for dairy-free yogurt and another liquid sweetener like agave nectar or maple syrup. You can even toss the watermelon sticks in chili powder or Tajin seasoning for a mildly spicy kick. Add chamoy for an extra sweet and spicy kick. But, aside from their ability to make watermelon look even more appetizing, the usefulness of crinkle cutters goes far beyond the visual.

Crinkle cutters help enhance textures too

Crinkle cutters are known for their ability to give fries their signature look, but the cutting tools also increases the surface area of food, producing a tantalizing texture with each and every cut, which can help to increase the level of crispiness. The corrugated grooves in the food can also help to retain sauces and creams, making for better dipping. This is certainly the case for deep-ridged potato chips, which were designed for better scooping and also to better retain flavors.

Aside from potato fries and the watermelon offshoot, crinkle cutters can be used to add texture to a variety of foods. Use a crinkle-cutting knife to cut up fancy slices of cheese for a charcuterie board or chop up wavy pickle slices to layer on burgers for a crunchier bite. And, apparently, the kitchen gadget is also perfect for helping to wean toddlers off of baby food because the added texture makes slippery fruits and veggies easier to grasp for children. All in all, no matter which way you choose to use them, there's no denying that crinkle cutters do make food look more appealing and more fun to eat.