Mitchell Davis Dishes On The Upcoming James Beard Awards Ceremony

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James Beard Foundation executive vice president, Mitchell Davis, Ph.D, joins us before heading to Chicago for a busy weekend followed by Monday night's awards gala at the Lyric Opera. He talks about how the Foundation has reacted to the #MeToo era, the beginnings of the food studies program at New York University, the James Beard's Chef Bootcamp for Policy and Change, this year's theme of the James Beard Awards and more. We wrap with comedian Fareeha Khan on why she loves fried rice so much. But first, the news:

Today's News:

  • Disney is making moves in food media and has partnered with Tastemade to launch Disney Eats.
  • The French government has made an amendment to the nation's Agriculture Bill that bans the labeling non-meat products with meat names such as "soy sausage" and "bacon-flavored strips."
  • The frozen food industry is seeing hard times.
  • Israel's chief rabbi ruled that artichokes aren't kosher, but Italian Jewish folk are fighting back for their beloved vegetable.
  • It turns out that Swedish meatballs aren't from Sweden at all.
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