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Have you heard of the yakisoba pan? Check it out in a video about global sandwiches.

We watched a lot of videos this week. Our favorites included a senator who discovered a new (old) way to enjoy ice cream, a trailer for Melissa McCarthy’s new cooking-centric movie, 13 global sandwiches, squishy-slimy fake foods and a short documentary about a bold Russian cheesemaker. We also rounded up 10 salads that welcome your best-quality olive oil with open arms and spoke to Sunday at Brooklyn’s Bar Director about why Americans need to get into aperitifs now. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Melissa McCarthy’s latest comedy includes throws her in the middle of a cooking contest. Check out the trailer here.
  2. The world loves sandwiches. This video constructs 13 sandwiches from all around the world.
  3. Who doesn’t love a good ice cream dessert? Senator Joe Manchin was incredibly surprised his was shaped like an egg.
  4. Stuff your tomatoes with ricotta and sausage and get this dish on the table in half an hour flat.
  5. Have you noticed an influx of food slime videos? We investigate the wide appeal of them.
  6. When hurricanes and heatwaves hit, people find the non-traditional ways to prepare food.
  7. You’ve heard of the term “drinkability” but what does it mean?
  8. Here are 10 reasons to get yourself a nice bottle of olive oil.
  9. When Russia banned Western-made cheeses, one citizen took it upon himself to make Parmesan for the country.
  10. Americans have yet to board the aperitif train. The Bar Director of Sunday at Brooklyn thinks that needs to change.