What's The Deal With Food Slime Videos?

Last we heard, folks were super into ASMR food videos. That's where people record themselves noisily eating huge meals. So what's the deal with the food slime videos we also keep running into on YouTube? It's a subgenre of food ASMR that doesn't involve people eating — rather, they artfully craft realistic-looking food from squishy homemade gelatinous mixtures known as "slime." They sculpt macarons, waffles, pizza, cookies and milk, ice cream sundaes and other crowd-pleasers. Then they squish, pull, poke, stretch and crush their creation, whimsically dissolving the illusion and making a variety of noises extremely pleasing to ASMR fans. Some of the materials crackle, others squeak (remember Nickelodeon Gak and Floam?) You can find recipes for just about any texture or sound you want to see or hear.

What's the appeal? Many of the videos include "most satisfying" in their title, which should be self-explanatory, but if you want to get a little psychological, who among us wouldn't take satisfaction in watching something intricate be squished into oblivion in seconds? Take this pie, for example, which must have taken a lot of time to craft:

There's even butter slime, which "spreads" on "bread" in a way that really just serves to make you appreciate the consistency of real butter.

So while it's difficult to nail down exactly why these videos are so relaxing, pleasing and satisfying to watch, it's safe to say you'll probably be watching a few more. I mean, that fruit and yogurt bowl.