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We've been craving scallops, big time.

We got educational this week. We read some studies about wine and plant-based diets, watched a questionable documentary and got a brief history lesson about the grains of North America. We also learned all about a funky little dish called funazushi from Japan. We’re also very excited to have scallops on the grill, to be deep-frying some pasta and packing a picnic with a cheesy Spanish tortilla in tow. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Popular vegan documentary What The Health tricked a lot of people into veganism.
  2. We can’t stop thinking about this fried pasta video.
  3. This Spanish tortilla is the perfect dish to pack up and bring to a picnic.
  4. Has Bud Light’s latest cry for attention gotten too desperate?
  5. It’s prime time for scallops! We rounded up 10 recipes to get your fill.
  6. A study showed that women find that men who eat more vegetables smell more attractive.
  7. Ellen King of Hewn Bakery bakes breads with grains that nearly went extinct.
  8. Does expensive wine really taste better or is it all in your head?
  9. Fermented in salt and rice, funazushi is the funkiest sushi you’ll ever have.
  10. Long Island City’s restaurant scene is booming. We rounded up some of our favorites.