Here's Another Reason To Switch To A Mostly Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet is not only healthy and harbors a smaller carbon footprint, but it'll apparently help men produce more attractive pheromones.

NPR reports that a recent study shows that women are more attracted to the scents of a man who eats a fruit- and veggie-heavy diet as opposed to someone who goes ham on bread and pasta. A plant-based diet can also be detected in someone's skin — an abundance of orange, red and yellow foods will add hues of carotenoids to your skin. These hues can be picked up by something called a spetrophotometer.

The study, performed by the Macquarie University in Australia, rounded up a group of healthy-looking men, scanned their skin with a spetrophotometer, gave them a questionnaire about their diets, made them exercise in a clean t-shirt and finally sent women in to give the ultimate sniff test. Results show that the better-smelling men ate more vegetables.

So dudes, go sign up for a CSA box and remember to eat a ton of salad on your next date, because overeating is another way to find your one true love.