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San Antonio's Shuck Shack is a new restaurant in the form of a Martha's Vineyard–style fish shack.

Can a new device created by our friends at ChefSteps really turn you into an instant sous vide pro? That was the big question this week here at Food Republic.

We did, however, answer a bevy of other food-related queries, such as just how many different types of sea urchin are served at restaurants in the U.S. and what exactly mahia is. Hint: It’s a liquor that you have never heard of — imagine that! Our travels took us south to San Antonio, Texas, where we hit up some impressive new spots, and Portland, Oregon, where we spoke with a culinary power couple that has played a vital role in turning the city into a gastronomic destination. Want sexy recipes? We got ’em. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

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