Though virtually unknown in the U.S., this Garibaldi aperitif is the perfect Campari vessel to make easily at home.

“Much of my philosophy in making drinks now is to take simple drinks and make them, hopefully, better than anyone ever has,” says Naren Young on his popular incarnation of the classic aperitivo the Garibaldi. “I’ve had many Italians come into Dante saying that’s easily the best Garibaldi they’ve ever had. That’s a very high compliment for me.”

Though virtually unknown in the U.S., the Garibaldi is the perfect Campari vessel, perhaps as loved as the Americano or the Spritz for many Italians. Naren’s approach at Dante, a revamped 100-year-old institution in NYC, is simple: Juice one orange though a standard Breville juicer, add 1 1/2 ounces Campari, an orange wedge garnish and that’s it. Juicing right before serving is key as the juicer spins at such a high speed that it aerates the juice, giving the drink a frothy head that helps to further soften the bitter edge of the Campari.

With the winter months bringing sweeter citrus, I’d welcome this almost decadent, happy hour treat year round, though one might assume it’s more refreshing in summer. Just like the pleasure that comes from a beautifully balanced gimlet or daiquiri, it’s not the complexity of the ingredients that creates great flavor in a drink. As easy as this drink is to make, I suspect it would be harder than one realizes to beat the flavor of the Garibaldi at Dante’s.

The Garibaldi

Servings: 1 cocktail

1 1/2 ounces Campari
4 1/2 ounces fresh orange juice (approximately the juice from 1 orange)


  1. In a tall eight-ounce water glass, add ice, then Campari and orange juice.
  2. Stir briefly for five seconds and garnish with an orange wedge and stir.

Prep Time: 3 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy