Food Crimes, Best Cuts Of Meat, Father's Day: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

We're excited to have debuted Food Crimes this week, our new investigative documentary series that takes a cold, inquisitive look at what is happening in the cause of the American kitchen. Episode one of the series explores the illicit, unwieldy international seafood trade and the hard-fought efforts to try to regulate it. We also expanded our ongoing Asian Food in America series, with articles focusing on dim sum and the etiquette of slurping noodles (spoiler alert: do it!) As summer kicks into full gear, we wrote about American beer styles and the best cuts of meat to braise, roast, grill and fry. Finally, a Happy Father's Day to all! Forget that it's this Sunday? Fear not: We've got you covered with a last-minute culinary gift guide. All that and more, on this week's Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  • We debuted our investigative documentary series, Food Crimes. Here's episode one.
  • This story on the illegal seafood industry is a companion to the video series.
  • Here are the best cuts of meat to braise, roast, grill and fry this summer.
  • Can Big Food really clean up its act? We investigate.
  • Dim sum served without carts? And outside of Chinatown? Believe these trends.
  • Check out our guide to 12 food and drink gifts for Father's Day.
  • We're obsessed with this homemade nacho cheese recipe.
  • Only three beer styles were born in the U.S. Here's a look at their stories.
  • It's cool to slurp noodles now. Yes, really, it is.
  • Matcha is the pastry chef's new BFF. Try out these three recipes this weekend.