When in doubt, be generous — you invited people over for shrimp. But if you don’t want to end up with two extra pounds (and only 20 recipes to knock out with them) or not nearly enough, we’ll guide you through the details of figuring out how many shrimp per person.

Size is everything, in life and in shrimp. But let’s tackle the shrimp problem first. Fish counters usually sell at least two sizes of shrimp — medium and large. Steer clear of the smaller bay shrimp, they’re not very impressive in the presentation or flavor department. And as far as larger than large goes (extra-large, jumbo, prawns), save the extra dough for a nice bottle of olive oil.

A pound of shrimp feeds 4 people as an entrée, so some simple estimations should solve this quandry.

Medium (30-35 shrimp/lb): 8 per person

Large (20-25/lb): 6 per person

Now invite over a crowd and knock out that signature spicy shrimp pasta, creamy risotto or bold stir-fry of yours.

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