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A succulent seafood burger to elegantly crush that fish sandwich craving.

NYC steak and seafood hub The Wayfarer just launched a killer-looking burger menu, including a shrimp and lobster burger that any shellfish lover is going to love. Executive Chef Chris Shea loaned us the recipe for Burger Week to make sure no pescatarians felt left out of our weeklong celebration of glorious patties. 

This shrimp and lobster burger was inspired by a lobster steak dish prepared by Chef David Burke, whom I consider my mentor. I wanted to create something that reminded me of his dish, but with our own approachable take. While creating an entire burger menu at The Wayfarer, the idea of a seafood burger seemed perfect.

When preparing the burger patty at home, it’s important to allow the mixture to “rest ” and chill for at least a few hours before cooking. After cooking, allow it to rest a few minutes at the end. As these burgers are shellfish and the texture is so much different than meat, I also recommend using a digital thermometer to test for doneness (160F).