The Best Food Gifts Just In Time For Mother's Day

You're not phoning it in for Mother's Day this year with another baby's breath bouquet, discount earrings, or viral candle. This year, mama's gettin' what she really wants: Food! And we've got the perfect gifts to get the culinary inspiration flowing.

You're celebrating the most important woman in the world. (Or, the person who makes it all worth it.) There's no way to express a proper amount of gratitude, but you can at least knock it out of the park on the effort front. Even better? We did the research for you so you can click "Buy" all the way to actual Mother's Day. 

From the mom who loves a celebrity chef to the wine mom, the cool mom, the tea mom, and the mom who just wants to spend some quality time with her favorite child, we've got sweets, treats, cocktails, coffees, and savory gift sets for every taste. Because nothing's too good for the world's best mom.

Big Box Botanical Chill Gumdrops from Molly J.

This one goes out to the GOOP mom, who effortlessly rears well-behaved children, never spills anything on her all-linen wardrobe, and is about to go all Fortune 500 with the life-coaching business she started during Pilates. After all of that, she definitely needs a freakin' chill pill. Turn the stress down to a low hum with these Molly J. Big Box Botanical Chill CBD gumdrops.

These gorgeous gummies come packaged like they're sitting front row at Fashion Week. Chillax with flavors like plum cardamom, lemon lavender, pear ginger, sparkling pomegranate, and elderflower grapefruit. All with zero THC — so they won't get you high.

Formulated along with calming L-Theanine and bioavailable magnesium citrate, Molly J. CBD is non-GMO, organic, USA-grown, and lab-tested to be clean and safe. With gummies that are naturally flavored, gluten-free, and cute as a button, this is going to be one relaxing mama's day.

Spring Assortment from Levain Bakery

Your favorite mom can do it all. But has she tasted the sheer culinary debauchery of a fresh-outta-the-oven, 6-ounce Levain Bakery cookie? Multiply the pleasure by four glorious flavors with the perfectly appointed Levain Bakery spring cookie assortment.

Leaving other sweet treats in the dust, the assortment comes with limited edition lemon cookies, two-chip chocolate chip cookies, caramel coconut chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal raisin cookies. It all comes packaged in a signature Levain New York box, tied with a bow. Available in a sensible 4-pack or 8-pack, we'd also go for the 12-pack since these cookies are freezer-friendly and easily revived with a quick spin in the oven.

While we fully admit to going ham on a single caramel coconut chocolate chip cookie in one sitting, the brand also suggests cutting each cookie into quarters before freezing for a bite-sized treat any time. While you're at it, toss in a Levain Bakery gift card, which can be used at their 15 stores across the cookie-loving country.

A Dozen Rosés from In Good Taste

Calling all wine moms. Want to give her the aromatic bouquet she really wants? In Good Taste's A Dozen Rosés gift set beats a dozen roses any day of the week.

Uncork gorgeously curated mini wines — each in its own 187-milliliter bottle, which is ¼ of a wine bottle, if you're counting — with Pinterest-worthy labels that make drinking straight from the spout a thing of exquisite taste. Pour one out for the brand's selected favorites, including sippers from trendy labels like Wild Child, Passport, and La Pluma. Each of the 12 unique bottles includes its own tasting notes, so you can flow from rookie to wine snob in three sips or less.

If you know she'll love it so much she'll want to marry it, go all in with the Club Mini subscription which sends a beautiful box of mini wine bottles to her door every other month. Regular roses are so last year. Here's to thinking inside the box.

Ina's Coconut Cake from Goldbelly

You could go full Contessa and bake this cake yourself, but why would you when store-bought is fine? Snag the coveted coconut cake from Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa line at Goldbelly, and celebrate Mother's Day like you're straight outta East Hampton.

Ina's iconic Barefoot Contessa shop was famous for its cult-favorite coconut cupcakes. But this cake drops those cupcakes on their heads and stacks up layers of fluffy vanilla almond cake, velvety cream cheese frosting, and snow-white shredded coconut. The 6-inch version serves 6-8 people, while the show-stopping 8-inch cake serves 10-12. It's also freezer-friendly for up to two months. (Slice it before freezing for perfect portions.)

Keep an Ina trick up your sleeve by prepping a homemade raspberry sauce ahead of time. As soon as it's time to cut the cake, spread the sauce into a dessert dish before plating a slice of cake on top of it. Add a few fresh raspberries, and you just made Mother's Day one for the scrapbooks.

10 Ways to Say I Love You Gift Tin from Bonne Maman

You could say "I love you," or you could show it with the Bonne Maman "10 Ways to Say I Love You" Gift Tin. For moms whose me-time includes something baked with a little dollop of something sweet, we promise you this is her jam.

Spread the love with 10 jams and preserves, tucked in a sweet tin, looking like they were just plucked from the orchard tree itself. From the brand that was launched in a little village in France, expertly crafted flavors include strawberry, apricot, raspberry, wild blueberry, cherry, fig, orange, grape jelly, and a little pot of honey. Each flavor is packaged in an adorable mini glass jar, serving a bit of high-end hotel room service energy that no one will be mad about.

French for "grandmother," Bonne Maman encourages the creative reuse of newly empty jars. Turn these mini preserves into tea light candles or tiny flower pots — the perfect rainy day project to tackle with any crafty mom.

Brunch in a Jar Sippin' Cream from Eggo and Sugarlands Distilling Co.

We are all this mom. Eggo and Sugarlands Distilling Co.'s brunch-inspired liqueur is one part nostalgia, one part indulgence, and all the parts fun. (Not sure how that's math-ing out, but you get it.)

For the mom who has everything, traditional Champagne is snoozy. Y'all, it's time to get boozy. This one's an especially sweet gift if she grew up watching the "L'Eggo my Eggo" ads of '80s and '90s Saturday morning cartoons. Finally, the brand has been elevated for adults. But you get bonus points for serving it alongside those iconic disc-shaped waffles.

New to Appalachian sippin' cream? Sugarlands Distilling Co. serves up a creamy, rum-based liqueur that packs a punch at 40 proof, and tastes like Eggo waffles and syrup. Simply pour it into a Mother's Day-worthy glass (cocktail coupe if you have it), and cheers to a brunch that's so easy, you don't even have to chew.

Mother's Day World-Famous Gourmet Chocolate Box from Compartés

The Compartés label tells her these are some of the finest gourmet chocolates in the world. The elegant "For Mom" design on the box tells her you didn't actually buy them for yourself. For the mom who wouldn't miss a "death by chocolate" dessert if her life depended on it, the Compartés Mother's Day World Famous Gourmet Chocolate Box has her name written all over it.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill box of chocolates. (Thank goodness, because what are those weird, creamy ones in drugstore boxes?) Instead, this stunning collection features edible art that begins as a feast for the eyes. Discover chocolate-dipped candied orange slices and lemon twists, salty cashew clusters, plus chocolate-covered Oreos, marshmallows, and other sweet treats. It's enough to share, but we think it's meant to be enjoyed solo in a series of perfect, indulgent moments.

Handmade in Los Angeles, Compartés chocolate ships with a No Melt Guarantee, sometimes with ice packs, based on Mom's local weather forecast. Don't forget to add gift wrapping and a hand-written card at checkout.

Nakajima Taishodo Gift Box from Bokksu Boutique

East meets West with Bokksu Boutique's Nakajima Taishodo Gift Box from the Osaka-based Nakajima Taishodo bakery. Gift Mom a taste of old-world tradition from Japan, with the familiarity of the pastries you might find in the States.

Of course, these treats are packaged like a dream. Inside the box, you'll find multiples of six different snacks — all of which are well-balanced on the sweetness and go gangbusters with an afternoon tea. The soft chestnut cake is sprinkled with cookie crumbs, and the matcha cake is comprised of high-grade Uji matcha and white chocolate. Meanwhile, a sweet potato galette looks just like an adorable naruto kintoki, or Japanese sweet potato. The collection also includes black sesame cookies, honey castella cake, and a flaky hand pie with walnut and red bean filling.

The Nakajima Taishodo logo features a tree of life design, highlighting the brand's mission of gratitude and thankfulness. Sounds like this messaging just might be spot-on for your Mother's Day MVP.

Mother's Day Mini Cookie Box from Delight Patisserie

We have officially graduated from coupons for a hug. Tell her you love her with the impossibly cute Delight Patisserie Mother's Day Mini Cookie Box. (Complimentary hugs are available any time she wants.)

This tiny box features six buttery shortbread cookies beautifully stamped with "I (Heart) You Mom" and a sweet floral design. They're a delightful treat along with a cup of coffee. But we wouldn't say no to road-testing them for a sentimental take on s'mores. Vanilla shortbread, chocolate, marshmallow ... what's not to like? (We love you, Mom. And s'mores.)

We love the mini box to give to a mom friend or to add to a larger gift. But if you're feeling that go-big-or-go-home energy, snag the 16-count box and send love notes to last for weeks. These cookies stay fresh for up to two months, but humans have yet to prove they can last that long.

Mother's Day Macaron Gift Box from Baked By Melissa

There's a world of difference between macarons and macaroons. But for the mom who loves le French pâtisserie, we're going with the first one. And there's no brighter, happier version of the classic meringue-based cookie than Baked By Melissa's Mother's Day Macaron Gift Box.

Treat mom like a queen with 25 luxuriously chewy bite-sized sandwiches in six different decadent flavors. Sugar cookie macarons get topped with nonpareils, double chocolate gets filled with a salted ganache, red velvet plays off cream cheese and chocolate cream, and real cookie dough filling is stuffed into cookie dough meringues. Favorites like salted caramel and snickerdoodle bring it home.

Baked By Melissa plans to donate $5 to the Chamber of Mothers nonprofit for every Mother's Day gift box sold. The organization advocates for parental leave, childcare, and maternal health. So, there can be a whole lot of Mother's Days to come.

Best of Bakery & Brunch Basket from Zabar's

Breakfast is figured out. And with Zabar's Best of Bakery & Brunch Basket, lunch, snacks, and anything in between will be covered, too. New York City's appetizing institution took care of the culinary details, so you can spend all your quality time with Mom instead of Postmates.

What's in the basket? Every freakin' iconic Big Apple baked good you can think of, plus some surprises. First things first, Zabar's famous chocolate babka takes center stage. There's even a Zabar's logo mug that Mom can brew the Zabar's Women of Valor coffee into. A picturesque dried fruit box, toasting bagels, and assorted rugelach and hamentashen make this a bountiful party spread. Of course, that can only be topped by the tuxedo of Jewish delis; the black and white cookie.

At $219, it's the spendiest gift on our list. But an instant catered brunch for the woman who brought you into this world? Priceless. (Don't you dare use that empty basket to bring her your dirty laundry.)

All The Goats Tea Towel & Caramels Gift Box from Big Picture Farms

Goat milk caramels for the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time — as in your mom, not Tom Brady). This melt-in-your-mouth delicacy comes courtesy of Big Picture Farms' All The Goats Tea Towel & Caramels Gift Box.

Made with rich, creamy milk from the much-loved goats living on Big Picture Farms creamery in Southern Vermont, this set comes with 20 individually wrapped caramels in eight different flavors. Think sea salt vanilla, cider honey, maple cream, and brown butter bourbon. Plus, the caramels are packaged with a delightful screen-printed tea towel featuring all the goats — and the farm dogs, too — along with their names. (Shoutout to Gertrude, Junebug, and Becky.) Caramels that are made fresh to order are then wrapped up in a perfectly rustic ribbon.

For the new moms in your life, create your own gift set featuring the farm's freshest goat "kids." The Mom and Kid Rose Watercolor Box of caramels paired with the Eloise & Matilda Tea Towel featuring mom and her doeling is sure to elicit a few happy tears from your favorite human mom.

Hand-Pulled Noodle Kit from Cooking Gift Set Co.

Meet the perfect gift for the hostess mom who's always getting up to grab napkins, refill drinks, and otherwise spend zero time enjoying her own meal. Hit pause on the regular routine, and share some quality time in the kitchen together with the Cooking Gift Set Co. Hand-Pulled Noodle Kit.

These hand-pulled noodles may be the hottest street food in Xi'an, China, but they'll easily become a go-to meal at 321 Your Place. This humble dish packs a big punch with wide "belt" noodles you pull yourself, plus all the tools and spices you need to finesse the dish. Inside the box, you'll find a reusable noodle basket, dough scraper, and oil ladle. Simple instructions and fun recipe cards help guide the way, in case regular mom is also pulling a wine mom.

This noodle dish is meant to spark joy. The name "biang biang" supposedly comes from the sound the noodles make when they're slapped on the countertop. (Pics or it didn't happen.) Once you've discovered the traditional flavor profile, you can go all in on custom spicing things up yourself.

Flavored Espresso Martini Gift Set from Uncommon Goods

Say buh-bye to meh-mosas. A great espresso martini makes everything better. This year, show the cocktail-loving mom how to become her own mixologist with the Flavored Espresso Martini Gift Set from Uncommon Goods.

This kit provides everything she needs to infuse a 12-ounce bottle of espresso martini fabulousness. Each one of the four spice pouches offers its own high-quality ingredients and built-in flavor profile, including The Classic, The Cocoa, The Vanilla, and The Carda-Martini (that's a cardamom 'tini). The rest of the recipe couldn't be simpler. All it involves is water, vodka, and a 1-hour chill in the fridge. Then, it's off to the races for a fabulous DIY cocktail hour.

The spice mixes come pre-sweetened with cane sugar. The kit also includes a metal strainer, a funnel, a 12-ounce glass corked bottle, and instructions with stickers to customize this beautiful, boozy masterpiece.

Mother's Day Large Cheese & Charcuterie Board from Boarderie

It's got "MOM" spelled out in cheese. Do we need to say anything else? The Mother's Day Large Cheese & Charcuterie Board from Boarderie offers something for everyone. Because what mom should be made to exist in a world without Dijon pistachios?

You can cross charcuterie board-making stress off your list this Mother's Day. (But just in case you're going DIY, here's our art of charcuterie reference guide.) Boarderie takes care of choosing the cheeses and portioning out the crackers and fruit, all tucked into a keepsake acacia wood board for next time. Turkish figs nestle in next to truffle cheddar, with Thai crystallized ginger cleansing the palate. And all that fancy meat? It's cut and ready to serve with the included bamboo cutlery. No knives needed.

The small size feeds 2-3, the medium satisfies 4-5, and the large throws down for a party of 9-10. Mom doesn't even need to be home when this gift arrives. Food-safe packaging keeps this charcuterie chill all day.

Qi x Beauty Within Blooming Tea from Terrain

Tea time, but make it fashion. The Qi x Beauty Within Blooming Tea can help unlock a dreamy botanical metamorphosis inside mom's favorite mug.

With notes that are both herbaceous and sweet, the Blooming Tea truffles encompass green tea, peony, and globe amaranth that open into an actual bloom once they're steeped in hot water for a matter of minutes. Inside the chic pink box, you'll find nine handmade tea bulbs, each individually wrapped, featuring medium-strength caffeination. These fruity and floral flavors can be brewed and enjoyed hot, or you can tap our tips for excellent homemade iced tea.

With the peony flower symbolizing abundance, the blend also offers a healthy dose of antioxidants that promote inner harmony, balance, and peace. So, perhaps this gift will help Mom not be bothered by someone in the house saying "Mom!" 40 times in a row.

Pizzana's Mother's Day MargHEARTita Neapolitan Pizza from Goldbelly

Of all the different types of pizza in the U.S., the best pie is the one that comes straight to your door, ready to pop in the oven. For the mom who just wants to kick back and relax with the fam for Mother's Day, you'll do no better than the Mother's Day "MargHEARTita" Neapolitan Pizza from Pizzana, available on Goldbelly.

If it's possible to fall in love with pizza, this is it. The heart-shaped margarita pie from famed Los Angeles pizzeria, Pizzana, comes as a duo with "MOM" spelled out in imported fior di latte mozzarella atop authentic Neapolitan San Marzano tomato sauce. All of that tops the company's signature "slow dough" that requires two days to ferment. This is Michelin Bib Gourmand-awarded pizza night, people. You know your favorite mom's worth it! (Suddenly realizing we'll buy anything if it's got words spelled out in cheese.)