The Espresso Martini trend of 2022 shows no signs of slowing down in the new year. Now, bartenders are finding ways to add complexity to this easy-to-drink cocktail. At Sweet Liberty in Miami Beach, creative director Naren Young layers in vodka, Scotch, coffee liqueur, and the honey-forward Drambuie to create a cocktail that balances sweetness and richness.

Espresso martini
Stephanie Mas/Mas Creative MediaThe Espresso Martini 2023 from Sweet Liberty in Miami Beach.

Then, to finish, he sprinkles cayenne over half the frothy drink to throw in a bit of spice. It’s a heady cocktail that takes the standard espresso martini for a more flavorful spin. Try it next time in you’re Miami Beach with a visit to Sweet Liberty or shake up your own at home.