Add Canned Condensed Milk To Red Wine For A Sweet And Creamy Twist

Sweetened condensed milk is a sugary and sticky substance that you're probably used to seeing added to Thai iced coffee, or used to make dulce de leche. However, there are many more surprising ways to use a can of sweetened condensed milk — and one of them is drizzling it into a glass of red wine to add a touch of sweetness to your next glass.


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Skeptical about this seemingly unorthodox pairing? You definitely shouldn't be — it's apparently a tried-and-true combination that people love. Dubious social media users have filmed themselves trying the concoction with a grimace that quickly transforms into a grin when they realize how well the flavors complement each other. Because the condensed milk is quite sweet on its own, using a dry wine like pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon is your best bet for a delicious pairing. There doesn't seem to be an agreed-upon ratio of red wine to milk, so you could just eyeball it and add enough to suit your taste preferences. Once the condensed milk is incorporated, the liquid takes on a muted purple color, and the flavor has been compared to the creamy and fruity combination found in a creamsicle.

The combination is popular in Brazil

The canned milk and wine combination isn't just a creation of social media. In Brazil, the addition of pineapple to sweetened condensed milk and red wine creates an ultra-sugary cocktail called the Espanhola. To make it, add red wine, sweetened condensed milk, and either freshly sliced or canned pineapple to a blender, and blend until it becomes slightly frothy. Serve the Espanhola in a pitcher filled with ice cubes, and you'll be sipping like they do in Brazil in no time. If you prefer something frostier, some recipes suggest blending it with ice to achieve a slushy consistency.

We still had hesitations, so we tried the drink ourselves to ensure the hype was real. After preparing the drink, the result was a light pink beverage that delivers on the sweet and creamy promise. The red wine and pineapple flavors dominate, with the condensed milk adding just the right amount of extra sweetness to balance everything out. Overall, the flavor is unique, albeit somewhat similar to a sangria. The frothiness created by blending gives the beverage a slightly yogurt-esque consistency, so if you're sensitive to textures, this might be a drink to avoid — or, you could try the simpler pairing without the blended pineapple.

How else is sweetened condensed milk used in cocktails?

If you thought sweetened condensed milk was only for pairing with red wine, think again. This thick, sweet ingredient isn't just for red wine cocktails, but can also enhance a variety of other drinks. One such pairing is with vodka. A chocolate vodka martini, for example, could benefit from the addition of sweetened condensed milk, and a chocolate liqueur like De Kuyper Creme de Cocoa. The ever-delightful espresso martini can be taken to another level with sweetened condensed milk. You can follow a traditional recipe, or add Baileys for an even creamier flavor.

Sweetened condensed milk also pairs well with bourbon, softening the alcohol's edge to create a smooth and pleasant drinking experience. One way to incorporate it into bourbon is in an old-fashioned bourbon milk punch. Shake the milk with bourbon and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon for a cocktail that will make you feel super cozy. While other milk punch recipes might use traditional milk and flavors like vanilla extract, the choice of notes to include and the complexity of the beverage are ultimately up to you.