Revamp Your Pizza Rolls With Instant French Onion Soup Mix

Is there anything better than a freshly made pizza roll straight out of the oven? These handheld roll-ups of dough, sauce, and cheesy goodness incorporate all of the best things about pizza into a much more manageable bite, and there are so many ways to customize them to your liking. If you really want to up the ante on pizza rolls, merge them with another cheesy and delicious appetizer — French onion soup. 

Don't worry, you don't need to actually make the soup to try this combination. In this TikTok video, creator Jane de Graaff explains how she combines French onion soup mix with other tasty bites — pizza rolls being one of them.


French onion soup hacks!! Hun ways to use a packet of #frenchonion soup mix! Go for it... and tell me how you use yours...

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De Graaff uses the packaged mix to create the oniony filling of the rolls, spreads it onto the dough, rolls it up like a cinnamon roll, and bakes it. Although she doesn't specify a time, you can reference other pizza roll recipes for a starting point — the bake time is most likely between 15 and 20 minutes. To take your elevated snack or appetizer up another level, you could throw Gruyère cheese into the filling to really mimic that bread-broth-cheese pairing seen in a bowl of simple French onion soup.

How can you make the best pizza rolls possible?

Although making pizza rolls is fairly simple, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make it go smoothly as. One issue you could potentially face is your pizza rolls unraveling while they're in the oven. This is most likely because they weren't rolled up tightly enough, so to mitigate this, try to lift up and pull on the dough slightly as you roll it. Think about it like rolling up cinnamon rolls — you want them as compact as possible so there are no unrolling disasters. You could also pack them tightly into a smaller dish, though they won't brown and crisp up as much.

As for the base of the rolls, you can use store-bought dough, make pizza dough from scratch at home, or even use crescent roll dough if you're looking for a twist. Once you have a tightly-rolled pizza log, use a sharp, serrated knife to cut it into individual rolls. This will prevent you from smushing the dough and ruining that aesthetically-pleasing swirled look. 

To ensure your rolls won't fall apart when you cut them, rest your rolled log of dough and filling in the fridge for around twenty-five minutes. When it's time to cut and bake, if you want a perfectly crispy and crunchy bottom, consider adding cornmeal to the underside of each roll before baking them.

What else can be French onion-ified?

The rich and comforting flavors in a classic French onion soup are simple to pull off, so any number of recipes can be remixed with some onion-y flair. Along the same lines as French onion pizza rolls is French onion pull-apart bread. This take on the shareable bread is filled with caramelized onions, melted butter, garlic, and shredded cheese — all of the components you'd get in a bowl of soup. 

If you're looking to take an entire meal through the French onion route, try combining the flavors with mac and cheese. Gruyère cheese is essential to the makeup of the soup, and could be the star of a caramelized onion-filled pasta dish. You could even top your mac with French onion chicken that's coated with crunchy french-fried onions.

If you prefer the ease of a soup flavoring packet, you can add one to scone dough for a savory spin on the breakfast and afternoon tea staple. These can be eaten plain, or you could even make some French onion dip to spread on top. You could also use your soup mix for an unconventional French treat — a crepe. Crepes don't always have to be sweet, so try mixing the powdered soup into your batter and filling with gooey melted cheese.

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