José Andrés Most Popular Dishes, According To Customer Requests

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Pro chef José Andrés is one of the most successful restaurateurs in the world, as well as a humanitarian (earning him an honor from the James Beard Foundation) and author of several cookbooks. His latest book features dishes from his wildly popular restaurant chain Zaytinya, which boasts locations in New York City, South Beach, and Washington DC. Diners line up nightly to experience Andrés' take on Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, and over the years, many have begged the chef to share the recipes for their favorite dishes.

In the introduction of "Zaytinya: Delicious Mediterranean Dishes from Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon," Andrés confirms that readers will finally be able to make some of his most requested dishes, including havuç köftesi (carrot fritters) and hünkår begendi (eggplant puree and braised lamb). The chef has written down 150 recipes for food and cocktails you'd find at his famed establishments, allowing you to taste them without making a reservation.

Andrés new book is much like a Mediterranean pilgrimage, but in the first few pages, he clarifies that's not sharing traditional dishes you'd find in small Greek or Turkish villages. Instead, his most popular recipes — the ones that fans have longed to bring home — are classic preparations recreated in a new way, while still honoring the timeless traditions of their place of origin.

The best of Zaytinya is included

In his latest book, José Andrés reveals that customers have been begging for Zaytinya's havuç köftesi and hünkår begendi recipes.The former dish consists of carrot-based fritters flavored with herbs and served with an enticing green pistachio sauce, and the equally popular hünkår begendi is a show-stopping dish served in a striking copper pot: a succulent lamb shank on a bed of eggplant béchamel sauce. 

When Andrés announced the book in 2023, he mentioned that it would also share his recipes for htipiti, a red pepper and feta spread; brussels sprouts Afelia, flavored with coriander seed, barberries, and garlic yogurt; and Adana lamb kebabs with sumac and pickled chiles. Fan-favorite desserts are also included, such as Andrés' Greek yogurt parfait with apricots and various Mediterranean cookies, plus house-created cocktails. You can mix up the restaurant's Pom Fili, which is like a Greek-inspired sangria with vodka and pomegranate.

Andrés has been making the rounds promoting his book on outlets like the Today Show, where he's mentioned additional recipes, such as creamy Turkish eggs and scallops with tzatziki. "Zaytinya" is the perfect book for cooks who wants to see what Andrés' cooking is all about, but don't live anywhere near his eateries. You'll be able to see why these dishes have been exhaustively requested over the years.