What Happens When You Order Your Starbucks Drink 'Skinny'

Whether you prefer your coffee hot or on ice, Starbucks is a popular place for snagging specialty, handcrafted beverages capable of satisfying any early morning fix. However, as energizing as they may be, many of the company's drinks come loaded with far more than just caffeine. Take, for example, the coffee chain's Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. Order this tasty treat in a grande cup, and you'll be slurping down a delicious drink topped with a fluffy mountain of whipped cream and decadent chocolate curls accompanied by 470 calories, 73 grams of sugar, and 17 grams of fat.

Of course, the company's coffees fluctuate in terms of how much sugar, fat, and calories each one contains. But, with so many indulgent and opulently sweet drink options on the menu, you'd think it would be mandatory for the baristas to serve them up in cups crowned with sugar-laced rims — a sweeter and probably equally euphoric take on a salt-rimmed margarita, if you will.

Just like any classic tequila-splashed margarita, those looking to take the edge off of their sugar, fat, and calorie intake can opt for their favorite Starbucks drinks in "skinny" form, too. In addition to swapping out whole milk for the nonfat variety, ordering a "skinny" Starbucks beverage calls for holding the whipped cream and substituting the syrup for a sugar-free version, if one is available.

Ordering a skinny Starbucks beverage

According to Starbucks' website, many of its drink selections, including its espressos and Frappuccinos, can be made "skinny." You can technically make just about any Starbucks beverage a "skinny" version with the right kind of substitutions. Now, your barista may or may not know what this drink option entails. If they don't, fret not. All you have to do is customize your drink similar to how you would order it on the company's mobile app: Simply request nonfat milk and ask for no whipped cream. 

As for the syrup, the company once offered a Skinny Mocha Sauce, which was available in its Skinny Mocha drink, among other sugar-free flavors like cinnamon dolce syrup. However, much to the chagrin of many Starbucks regulars, these sugar-free options, as well as the Skinny Mocha itself, have since been discontinued. The only sugar-free syrup currently being offered is a vanilla flavor, so you can ask for a splash or two of that instead.

Other skinny ways to customize your Starbucks drinks

Many customers choose to savor the iconic green and white siren-adorned cups in "skinny" form for the simple fact that they feature far less sugar and fewer calories. But, in addition to opting for sugar-free syrup, other easy customizations can be made for a truly "lighter" brew, including choosing a zero-calorie sweetener like Stevia In The Raw.

Aside from selecting nonfat milk, you can give your favorite Starbucks flavored lattes a creamier effect with any one of the company's plant-based milk options, such as almond and coconut, which generally contain fewer calories and less sugar than the whole milk variety. And, if you're a fan of whipped cream, you don't have to nix all of the fluffy sweetness altogether. You can still get a taste by choosing Starbucks' "light whipped cream" option, which will help reduce the amount of calories and sugar that is topped on your drink.