The Case For Adding Pickles To Your Breakfast Sandwich

There are some pretty quirky pickle combinations out there, many of which the online foodies of the world swear are downright tasty. Take, for example, TikTok's fried pickle "chaffle," a crispy, cheesy waffle that doubles as a keto-friendly bread substitute. From pickle slices caked in Flamin' Hot Cheeto crumbs to pickles soaked in Mountain Dew, some pickle pairings are interesting, to say the least. However, when it comes to pickle mash-ups that are truly tasty, there's one combo that deserves a spot in your belly: a pickle breakfast sandwich.

Although pickles are, perhaps, more commonly used in hamburgers and deli sandwiches, they also make for a rather satisfying addition to your morning meal. Whether you prefer bagel sandwiches or your favorite breakfast staples sandwiched between two pieces of buttered toast, the briny cucumbers can certainly add a delightful crunch to every bite. But, they also help cut through the fattiness of meats and cheeses, balancing out the savory flavors and cleansing your palate so you can better taste them at the same time.

Pickles help to balance out the flavors

It's no secret that acidic ingredients like citrus juice and wine do wonders for dishes that are extremely fat-heavy or very oily. Not only do they brighten the flavors, but they also help to counteract all of that overwhelming richness — and pickles are no exception. Although they're not as acidic as freshly squeezed lemons, there's still a very good reason why sandwiches are often served alongside a few pickle spears. Made by soaking cucumbers in a solution of vinegar — which is comparable in acidity levels to that of lemon juice — as well as salt and various spices, pickles provide a pleasant contrast to fatty foods just the same.

Since breakfast sandwiches can feature a variety of greasy foods, such as sausage, bacon, ham, and fried eggs, pickles make the perfect accompaniment — and some breakfast establishments are already taking advantage of this game-changing ingredient. TikToker @emilyo218 shared that one local coffee shop offers a cinnamon raisin bagel sandwich with egg, cheese, bacon, and thick, juicy slices of pickle — a menu offering that's aptly dubbed "Pickle Fusion."

Pickles also help to cleanse your palate

Pickles pack quite a punch — but they do more than just cut through greasy bites of food. Acidic foods can also help reset your palate by neutralizing the mouth's pH levels. For example, if you eat a meal that contains a lot of garlic or onions, you can offset the flavors on your taste buds by chewing on a bit of acidic fruit like pineapple. In much the same way, taking a small bite of pickled ginger, commonly served with sushi, can help to reset your taste buds between bites.

If you're not a fan of pickles, you can still take advantage of their tantalizing abilities by opting for other pickled veggies instead. Add a spoonful of sauerkraut to your breakfast sandwich, or slather on a generous portion of pickled red onions, radishes, or purple cabbage. You can even get creative with kimchi by whipping up a fried egg sandwich with extra bacon, and topping it with the crunchy condiment if you like — whatever pickles your fancy.