Getting Creative With Kimchi

I would like to dispel the myth that kimchi belongs with other Korean foods. Yes, kimchi is the absolute perfect accompanyment to sweet, savory, fatty meats like kalbi and bulgogi. I know I can't eat either of those without it. But recently my experiments in taking kimchi outside the Korean food universe have yielded positive results. Allow me to share my findings.

Kimchi mayo: this stuff will change your sandwich world. Drain a quarter cup of kimchi very well, pressing it down into the strainer with the back of a spoon to get most of the moisture out, and add it to a cup of mayonnaise in a blender. Blend until smooth, and use as a sandwich spread, dip or, (this is an awesome secret I'm revealing here) spread a thin layer over a salmon fillet before baking. Also makes great chicken salad.

Kimchi and Mexican food, unite: I realize I did not invent this — there are food trucks abound where you can get as much kimchi as you want on a taco or quesadilla. But you can also easily replicate this at home. Drain well if doing so, because nobody likes a soggy taco.

Kimchi as a sandwich crunch component: if you're a lettuce and pickles type of person looking to switch up your sandwich routine, kimchi may very well be the solution.

Kimchi and booze: not that you should be drinking at lunch, but it's worth it to mention that floating a chunk of kimchi in a shot of vodka (or soju, if you're keeping it real) could very well be the new pickleback.

The more creative you get, the more likely it is that you'll invent the next new use of kimchi that sends foodies running for their blogs faster than the latest issue of Lucky Peach can sell out.