Ina Garten's Favorite 'Unpretentious' Paris Restaurant

Fans of pro chef and television host Ina Garten know that she owns a stunning abode in the Hamptons and an apartment in Paris, and she's shared her favorite ways to cook and eat in both of these locations. The "Barefoot Contessa" shares posts on Instagram whenever she's in the City of Lights, documenting her favorite markets, shops, and restaurants, and since her cooking philosophy is to keep things simple but delicious, her favorite eateries reflect that vibe. One of Garten's favorite restaurants in Paris is a bistro called Le Paul Bert, a spot that she recommends for being delicious and unpretentious.

Garten shared her fondness for the bistro on the "Ask Ina" section of her website, where fans can submit questions to the queen of entertaining in hopes that she'll share her answers. Garten calls Le Paul Bert "quintessentially Parisian", and the restaurant seems to be extraordinarily popular with both locals and tourists looking for classic French bistro fare in a warm and charming dining room.

Classic French fare in a jovial atmosphere

As is the custom in France, Le Paul Bert has a rotating menu which features what is fresh and in-season on any given day. This undoubtedly fits into Ina Garten's well-known philosophy of using "good" ingredients in her cooking, so it's no wonder why she enjoys this eatery. Because of this practice, you won't find a menu on Le Paul Bert's website (other than its impressive wine list). Instead, the restaurant advises viewers to check the daily menu. For a bit more insight, you can look at the restaurant's Instagram page, which is full of colorful, decadent-looking photos of bistro classics such as steak frites, steak tartare, chicken with morels, prawns and oysters, and much more.

Conde Nast Traveler pointed out that the atmosphere at Le Paul Bert is lively, and the location is popular among families and larger groups, adding to the approachability of the bistro. At the same time, the spot is lauded among gastronomes and food critics. The restaurant has become a destination of sorts, and thus, snagging a table without a reservation can be difficult (but worth a try). Le Paul Bert also has a gift shop, if that tells you anything about how popular it is with visitors.

More of Ina's Parisian favorites

When Ina Garten jets off to Paris, Le Paul Bert is only one of many cafés and restaurants she loves to stop at. She tells EatingWell that a post-flight stop at Café de Flore for a glass of rosé and some potato chips is perfect for setting the mood when you arrive in Paris. Garten lists Café Varenne as the spot where she loves to dine on salad with warm goat cheese, and she also orders a side of french fries. 

Garten also shared on Instagram that she was able to experience a meal at the ultra-exclusive Twenty-Two Club, a venue that seats a mere twenty-two people per evening in a private apartment that overlooks the stunning Palais Royal. Garten called the dinner "beyond delicious" and said it was an evening she'd remember forever.

While dinner at Twenty-Two Club might be akin to what most of us see when we picture a classic, highbrow Parisian meal, Garten's other restaurant preferences, like Le Paul Bert, are far more attainable and easy to access. This shows why her adoring followers love her: She is a master of blending the indulgent pleasures of excellent food with a sense of approachability, so that none of us feel intimidated when trying to score a great meal.