Warm goat cheese is definitely something to love. When pierced with a fork, fried goat cheese nuggets melt over greens and mingle with dressing. It's astounding. Plus, it's pronounced "goaty" flavor is mellowed by a quick fry. It's a perfect pairing for peppery radish slices and sweet spring snap pea pods. 

While warm goat cheese does make an excellent dressing in itself, this tangy, nutty fennel-pecan vinaigrette brings out the grassy flavors of the salad greens and cuts through the cheese's richness. Panko breadcrumbs stay crisp longer and have a more pleasant, crunchy texture than homemade breadcrumbs (which you should still know how to make).

Yes, I got excited over having a massive fryer at our disposal for the first time in the kitchen at the W Austin's TRACE restaurant (hence our hugely popular avocado fries). Therefore, these delightful little balls will need to be deep-fried. I've tried frying breaded goat cheese in a pot at home. They leak, then fall apart. I maintain that everyone should make room for a quart-sized deep-fryer in their kitchen. It's the same size as the quart of dried-up paint you refuse to throw away, and at least a hundred times more useful. Dig?