Trader Joe's Popular Mystery Bags Are Back In Time For The Holidays

Trader Joe's knows how to bring the holiday spirit. The grocery chain is well-known for its seasonal must-haves, from its beloved Jingle Jangle, an assortment of chocolate-covered treats, to its peppermint-flavored Candy Cane Joe-Joe's, a seasonal twist on Trader Joe's fan-favorite cookie. However, if you're looking for the best stocking stuffers for the food-lovers in your life, look no further than TJ's Mystery Pack, which is officially back just in time for the holidays.

Wondering what's in the bag? We'll let you in on the secret — as long as you promise not to tell. Each pack contains three colorful, reusable shopping bags themed around various places in the U.S. But, you won't know which destination you get until you open the pack. "No peeking," the back of the package reads. "[B]ags may come from different areas around the country or specialty bags only available in this pack. Which bags? It's a mystery."


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The packs have certainly sent social media into a frenzy. TikTokers have taken to the platform to "unbox" their bags using the hashtag "#tjmysterybag," which has already garnered nearly 4 million views. In one video, user @nickelrios rips open a pack to find Chicago-, Arizona-, and Utah-themed bags, noting the cashier who checked her out revealed that 35 state graphics and four seasonal varieties are all up for grabs. Can you collect them all?

Get Trader Joe's mystery bags while you can

The excitement and buzz for Trader Joe's Mystery Pack might be due to the fact that they reportedly haven't been available since 2019. The bags, featuring the portrait of a man with a question mark over his head, are a fun twist on the retailer's already unique selection of reusable shopping bags. Legend has it that TJ's was among the first grocery stores to offer reusable bags with its "Save a Tree" tote in 1977. Today, the chain's offerings range from fruity citrus-themed jute bags and breakfast-themed cotton bags to its classic Trader Joe's logo bag.

The Mystery Packs are equally vibrant and certainly one-of-a-kind. However, if you're not satisfied with the bags you receive, or can't make it to the store, a trading marketplace has emerged on Reddit for those seeking a specific themed bag. "Bought a few mystery packs today & got the same 2 packs for them all! If anyone wants to trade let me know!! I got (South Carolina, DC, California, North Carolina, Maryland, Missouri)," wrote one Reddit user.

Aside from their quirky, geographical designs, the best part about each pack is their affordability — only $3, or $2.99 to be exact. Just hurry, as they're quickly selling out.