Trader Joe's Has Finally Restocked A Fan-Favorite Cookie

If there's one grocery chain that knows how to produce iconic products, it's Trader Joe's. Devoted TJ's shoppers have proven that there are certain items they just can't seem to leave the store without, such as chicken gyoza potstickers, Mandarin orange chicken, and Two Buck Chuck wines. Joe-Joe's Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies may not have reached legendary status (yet), but they are definitely a fan favorite. So when these cookies inexplicably went missing from the grocery chain's shelves for months, worried shoppers took notice.

Some customers turned to social media to find answers, where other users chimed in to say they had spoken to Trader Joe's employees and managers, who confirmed that the cookies had indeed been pulled from shelves. But it appears that the absence was only temporary, as the Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joe's are now available again, albeit with some changes. The product description on Trader Joe's website claims that the cookies are "new and improved," and that the previous version simply wasn't meeting the company's ideal standards. These changes are evident both in the cookie recipe itself and the packaging.

A recipe and packaging makeover

At first glance, Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joe's look like an Oreo knockoff, with two thin chocolate cookies sandwiching a white creme filling. But Trader Joe's description sets these doppelgangers apart, stating that the cookies are "made with rich cocoa powder and a touch of sea salt. Sandwiched between them is a sweet, whipped creme filling, flecked with fragrant, flavorful specks of vanilla bean throughout." You can enjoy these cookies as you would any creme sandwich cookie, whether making cookies and cream desserts, crushing them to sprinkle over your favorite ice cream, or dunking them into cold milk.

If you head to your local Trader Joe's to pick up a package or four, don't let your eyes fool you, as the company has changed the packaging customer's are used to. Instead of the classic box, the cookies now come in a light blue and white resealable film package, with the familiar Toucan bird still appearing on the front. Simply peel back the film, grab a handful of cookies, and the film seals back in place, making stale cookies a thing of the past. TJ's shoppers rarely need a reason to hit up the store when they have some time to kill, but the re-release of these tasty cookies gives them the perfect excuse to grab their keys and go.