Best Stella Rosa Gift Sets For The Sweet Wine Lover In Your Life According To Reviews

As the joy of the holiday season spreads across the world, so too does the panic of finding the perfect gift for those around you. Instead of buying your family and friends a trinket that will live the rest of the year at the back of a drawer, why not treat them to a thoughtful wine gift set from Stella Rosa?

Stella Rosa is a unique range of Italian wines that are semi-sweet and semi-sparkling and are known for their fruity, aromatic flavors. Made in northwestern Italy, they are the perfect gift for both a wine enthusiast and casual wine drinker — and will bring a sparkle of joy to the festive season.

To save you precious hunting hours searching online, we've selected the best Stella Rosa wine gift sets that will suit even the most difficult secret Santa recipient. With wines including red, white, rosé, and even non-alcoholic options, choosing the perfect gift has never been easier.

How we chose our Stella Rosa wine gift sets

When compiling our list of the best Stella Rosa wine gift sets, we have done careful research into the sets and the wines contained within them. Our selections are based on customer reviews of the gift sets themselves and the individual bottles of Stella Rosa wine that are included. We looked at comments by wine professionals, customer reviews, and awards won to decide which wine sets deserve your attention this holiday season.

Our decisions are also based on the food that accompanies the wine, since Stella Rosa is known for its semi-sweet flavors, meaning snacks have to be chosen that will accompany those flavors perfectly. We have selected gift sets that represent good value for your money, so whether you are looking for a budget choice or a luxury wine ensemble, we have the perfect option. No matter who you are buying for, they will be delighted to receive a thoughtful gift that will create warm memories during the festive season.

Wine Country Gift Baskets: Best overall Stella Rosa gift set

This beautiful gift basket ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing the perfect Stella Rosa wine gift set. It includes two bottles of wine — sweet, fruity Stella Rosa red and the darker Stella Rosa black — which pair perfectly with the assortment of foods in the basket. One reviewer said, "Wonderful pairing and great assortment of goodies as accompaniments."

From Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles to smoked gouda cheese, there is a snack to suit whatever mood you're in, whether you want something sweet or savory. It also contains crackers and olives that are perfect for sharing during the festive season. This comprehensive gift set will make the ideal present for the wine lover in your life this year.

Buy Tis the Season Stella Rosa Duet Gift Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets for $180.

San Antonio Winery: Best Stella Rosa Mini Selection

If you are on the lookout for a playful gift this holiday season, the Stella Rosa stocking stuffer is a great option. It features two sets of five miniature bottles, representing some of Stella Rosa's most beloved wines. From the deep berry flavors of Stella Rosa Black to the refreshing burst from the lemon-lime, this gift set is the perfect choice for creating joy and celebration. The 187 milliliter bottles mean it is the ideal tasting selection for Christmas Day or other family gatherings — and it makes a terrific gift for those who like to enjoy a small, occasional indulgence in fine wine.

Buy Stella Rosa Stocking Stuffer from San Antonio Winery for $89.

San Antonio Winery: Best Christmas Stella Rosa selection

Get your family or friends in the mood for Christmas with the wonderful 12 Days of Christmas wine selection from Stella Rosa. Featuring 12 bottles of their top-quality wine from Northern Italy, the variety of wines in the bundle makes for a festive countdown to Christmas or a delicious way to celebrate the New Year and beyond. Featuring unique flavors, including cranberry and pineapple & chili, as well as classics such as Prosecco and Moscato, the set also contains one bottle of non-alcoholic red.

Buy 12 Days of Christmas with Stella Rosa from San Antonio Winery for $169.

Purchase 12 Days of Christmas with Stella Rosa from Sweet Wine Club for $169.

Kingman Fruit Creations: Best Stella Rosa and fruit gift set

Give a delicious sweet treat to your friends and family this year with a berries and wine gift box from Kingman Fruit Creations. This beautiful gift set combines a bottle of Stella Rosa Stella Berry wine with 12 elegant chocolate-dipped strawberries, perfect for a special occasion.

Stella Berry, as the name suggests, has fruity notes from strawberries, blackberries, and red berries and is highly rated, scoring 4.1 out of 5 on, with one reviewer saying, "The aroma is intense and inviting, making it hard to resist taking the first sip." The plump strawberries are sprinkled with various pretty toppings and beautifully presented, making this an ideal gift for someone special.

Buy Stella Rosa Berries & Wine gift box from Kingman Fruit Creations for $60.

San Antonio Winery: Best fall-themed Stella Rosa selection

If you're looking for a gift to celebrate cozy evenings and walks in the crisp air, check out this seasonal bundle from Stella Rosa. With 12 full-size bottles of wine, this set makes a substantial gift for the wine enthusiast on your gift list. Each bottle in this wine set is chosen for its autumnal notes, from the red berry flavors of the award-winning Stella Rosa Red to the golden sweetness of the Moscato d'Asti. This gift set is an opportunity to create memorable experiences, making it an ideal gift for the holiday season.

Buy Bundle Up With Stella Rosa from San Antonio Winery for $169.99.

Purchase Bundle Up With Stella Rosa from Sweet Wine Club for $169.99.

San Antonio Winery: Best Stella Rosa gift set with chocolate snacks

Surprise the chocolate lover in your life with this fabulous gift set from Stella Rosa. Containing a bottle of Stella Rosa golden honey peach wine, this set includes chocolate Graham crackers, French truffles, and chocolate chip cookies. The refreshing white wine with honey notes will perfectly complement the chocolate, creating a tasting experience perfect for any wine lover with a sweet tooth. The wine itself is highly rated, scoring 4.3 stars on, with one reviewer commenting, "Absolute stunner overall, will definitely be buying again."

Buy Stella Rosa Snack Box from San Antonio Winery for $48.

Gift Baskets Etc: Best luxury Stella Rosa gift set

Give a taste of Italy to those you love this festive season with this deluxe Italian semi-sweet wine duet gift basket. Containing two Stella Rosa wines and an assortment of sweet and savory snacks, it offers a tantalizing taste experience, perfect for indulging over the holidays.

The stars of this gift set are the two bottles of Stella Rosa wine — the Rosso, a luscious red wine, has sweet strawberry notes and will pair perfectly with the smoked gouda cheese that is included. The Bianco, described by one customer on Total Wine as, "Deliciously sweet and light in flavor," is a refreshing white with fruity honey flavors. The savory snacks include spicy habanero bites and sesame crackers, while truffles and limoncello cookies bring a sweet touch. The high-quality ingredients in this gift basket make it a thoughtful and elegant gift for the holiday season.

Buy the Stella Rosa Deluxe Italian Semi Sweet Wine Duet Gift Basket at Gifts Baskets Etc for $149.95. 

San Antonio Winery: Best Stella Rosa charcuterie set

For the perfect blend of gourmet flavors and high-quality wine, consider gifting the Stella Rosa charcuterie set. With a bottle of classic Stella Rosa black and an assortment of delicious savory snacks, this gift set is perfect for serving at a small gathering or enjoying a quiet night in over the holiday season. The star of this set is the Stella Rosa black wine, with its fruity blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry notes. One reviewer on said, "Tastes like the holidays to me." In this gift set, it pairs brilliantly with the umami flavor of the jalapeño cheddar and the beef and pork farmhouse sausage to create an elegant gift that any sweet wine lover will enjoy.

Buy the Stella Rosa Charcuterie Set from San Antonio Winery for $49.95.

Keg n Bottle: Best Stella Rosa cans gift set

For an unusual twist on a wine gift this festive season, why not consider this fun Stella Rosa holiday gift box containing 16 cans of various flavored wines? It is the perfect chance to inject a light-hearted touch into gift-giving and would make a great Secret Santa present. With 16 cans across two boxes, there is a great mix of tropical flavors, such as pineapple and watermelon, and holiday classics, including red apple & cinnamon. The handy packaging means this gift set is ideal for picnics and parties throughout the holiday season and makes a novel gift for wine lovers with a sense of adventure.

Buy Stella Rosa Variety Cans from Keg N Bottle for $24.99.

San Antonio Winery: Best Stella Rosa gift set with coffee

For those who enjoy coffee and wine, this Stella Rosa gift set is a dream come true. It combines two classic bottles of Stella Rosa wine with a variety of gourmet accompaniments, including fruity jam, French truffles, and, of course, the unique Stella Rosa coffee. Infused with essences of Stella Rosa black wine — a bottle of which is also included in the set — this distinctive coffee has hints of raspberry and blackcurrants, which pair beautifully with the rest of the elements in the box. Presented in a rustic pine crate, this elegant wine set is a luxurious treat for any occasion and makes an especially good gift during the holiday season.

Buy Stella Rosa Gift Crate from San Antonio Winery for $82.

San Antonio Winery: Best Stella Rosa gift set with savory snacks

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, consider gifting them the luxurious Stella Rosa Trio gift basket, filled with a selection of gourmet savory treats alongside three mouthwatering bottles of wine. The heart of this basket is undoubtedly the three bottles of Stella Rosa wine — the refreshing cranberry, the red berry-rich Rosso, and the unique red apple, which scored 4.5 stars in customer reviews, with a few customers describing it as simply, "Delicious."

Alongside the wines are a number of tasty accompaniments, including sausage, cheese, and honey & pineapple mustard. Presented in a beautiful woven basket with ribbon, this gift set will delight any food and wine enthusiast this festive season.

Buy the Stella Rosa Trio Gift Basket from San Antonio Winery for $128.

San Antonio Winery: Best Stella Rosa non-alcoholic gift set

Make sure the non-drinkers in your group don't miss out on the luxurious experience of a wine basket with the Stella Rosa Naturals non-alcoholic collection. This attractive selection has everything you would expect from Stella Rosa but without the alcohol.

According to a review by Kelly Bertog, non-alcoholic wine connoisseur and founder of Yours non-alcoholic wines, "Stella Rosa's Non-Alcoholic Black delivers on its promise of giving you all the exciting taste as its fully-alcoholized counterpart, but with only 0.3% ABV — so much so that it's almost impossible to tell them apart!"

The Black lines up alongside five other alcohol-free bottles — rosé, peach, cranberry, lemon-lime, and mango — to create a stunning collection that doesn't compromise on style or flavor.

Buy Stella Rosa Naturals – Non-Alcoholic Collection from San Antonio Winery for $89.99.

JussFlyy: Best Valentine's Stella Rosa gift set

Make a romantic gesture this year by buying the Strawberry Stella Rosa Deluxe Box for that special someone in your life. Whether for Valentine's Day or as a thoughtful Christmas gift, this beautiful set will be well received. Consisting of 12 red roses, 12 strawberries covered in milk chocolate, and a bottle of the gold medal-winning Stella Rosa Black, this unique gift set has elegance written all over it. The wine has dark berry notes running through it, making it the perfect partner to the succulent strawberries. Whatever you are celebrating, this gift set exudes romance and charm and is sure to make a lasting impression.

Buy the Strawberry Stella Rosa Deluxe Box from JussFlyy Bakery & Events for $110.