Elevate Espresso Martinis With Another Creamy Coffee Ingredient

Espresso martinis have been having a fairly long, drawn-out moment in the spotlight, both across social media and at real-life happy hours and night-cap bar visits. And deservedly so, because an espresso martini makes everything better. With ingredients like bold espresso and sweet coffee liqueur, how could it not be a hit?

Yet with every popular cocktail comes new takes on the classic, and innovative ways to further elevate the drink. What's the latest and greatest way to make an espresso martini even more delicious? According to TikTok, it's to add one more creamy coffee ingredient to the mix: coffee creamer.


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TikTok cocktail enthusiast Bobby Boyd uses Coffee-mate's Italian Sweet Crème coffee creamer as the secret ingredient in his frozen espresso martini, adding creaminess and sweetness. The beauty of this idea is that you can make your next espresso martini uniquely yours with whatever coffee creamer your heart desires.

Using coffee creamer in your espresso martini

To use coffee creamer in a cocktail, the most important thing to remember is to stick with a liquid coffee creamer. This will mix well with your other ingredients and add the perfect consistency to your drink for a smooth and creamy finish. As long as it's liquid and not powdered, the creamer you use can be dairy or plant-based, sweetened or zero sugar, and regular or fat-free.

Many espresso martini recipes use ingredients like Baileys Irish Cream or dairy products like heavy cream or half-and-half to add creaminess and a hint of sweetness to the drink. Coffee creamer will also accomplish this, so it's best to use the creamer in place of other dairy-containing ingredients, rather than in addition to them.

To make your espresso martini with coffee creamer, simply combine your chosen creamer and other ingredients with ice and either shake in a cocktail shaker and strain into a glass, or blend in a blender for a frozen version. For a balanced cocktail, use equal parts creamer and vodka.

Coffee creamer flavors that will level up your espresso martini

There's no denying that Italian Sweet Crème is a great flavor choice for a cocktail like this. It's sweeter and richer than milk, and wonderfully complements the boldness of an espresso martini (especially if it's frozen). But there's a whole world of coffee creamers out there, and thus a long list of secret ingredients you can add to make your espresso martini special.

So what kinds of flavors will work best in an espresso martini? Think something rich or nutty — vanilla or French vanilla, mocha or chocolate, hazelnut or caramel, or even coconut or cinnamon. These flavor profiles will all pair excellently with the cocktail's aromatic, slightly bitter coffee base.

You can even use seasonal flavors like peppermint or pumpkin spice if you're going for a more festive drink, or you can simply stick to an original, classic-flavored creamer. Whatever flavor you choose, your espresso martini will thank you.