10 Popular Halloween Candies And What To Drink With Them

Whether you're all about a top-shelf tipple, you like your craft beer straight from the tap, or you're a loud and proud wine mom, many of us enjoy our own happy hour libation. But if we're talking about our crowd-sourced favorite Halloween candy ... boy does America have a Top 10. Get outta here, Jujyfruits, it's not even close!

Spooky season conjures up black cats and wispy ghosts — as well as a big ol' witch's cauldron's worth of nostalgia. Guys, kids were trick-or-treating for candy corn in the 1880s. Yeah, that '80s. More than 100 years later, we still like the orange-yellow stuff from the haul we dug through like rabid child animals, before we moved on to raid our friend's stash!

And even though we adults love dressing up like nurses and mummies (but, like, hot mummies, right?), these days we'd rather just hit up the bulk candy aisle and keep it all to ourselves — with the perfect apéritif. Wanna do All Hallow's Eve like the truly undead? Here's your favorite candy, and the best drink to go with it!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + sherry

Do the Monster Mash-up of the century, with a bottomless bowl of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a fine glass of sherry wine. The combo is toasty, it's peanutty, it's jammy — it's basically a PB&J without the crust. Plus booze. You couldn't go wrong if you tried.

"Wine Enthusiast" tasting guru, Fiona Adams, also loves this pairing for the balanced teeter-totter of the sweet chocolate, and the peanut-friendly smoothness of the sherry. Mmm. Do we detect a note of wax paper? Oops. Never mind. Forgot to take the wrapper off the peanut butter cups. Should have set up the snacks then set the mood lighting.

Before you pull up to the checkout like "Sherry — stat," Adams recommends a rich and oaky Amontillado sherry, or a smooth and spicy Oloroso. You may be dressed up and looking like discount "Wonder Woman 1984," but this duo tastes like a million bucks.

Skittles + cheap vodka

Yes, cheap. We're not just going highbrow, Frankenstein. The Skittles and cheap vodka pairing was born for ghouling late into the creepy hours of the night. And yeah, it might also have a tiny bit to do with the fact that our favorite lime Skittles flavor was M.I.A. for an entire decade. (Sorry, green apple, but lime's where it's at.) Taste the (best) rainbow!

We're deconstructing the Skittles vodka cocktail trend, by adding a textural component, and giving the candy its time to shine. Just in case you want to go next level with the flavors, here's the original rundown: Red is strawberry, orange plays itself in the role, yellow is a zingy lemon, green is (finally!) lime again, and purple is basically the equivalent of grape juice. You could also just grab a random handful and live out whatever fruit salad you just manifested. (FYI, Bloody Mary appears if it's all the same color.)

The technique here is to shoot your shot, and chase it with a few Skittles. The reason cheap vodka works? Your tastebuds will barely know what's happening before the candy jumps in with a sugar-y sweet finish. No need to spend the cash on Grey Goose when Burnett's works just fine, m'kay?

M&Ms + bourbon whiskey

We're all about the M&M&B combo. If you enjoy a good bourbon whiskey on the rocks, and O.G. chocolate M&Ms (none of that fancy caramel cold brew flavoring for this one), this classic combo just hits different. While many of us may be Peanut M&Ms loyalists, we can't forget the "M" that started it all. Call it tradition, call it timeless — just don't call it a comeback.

Here, it's the whiskey that steps in to elevate the universally-loved milk chocolate flavor of the candy. While it might initially read a little one-note on its own, the humble M&M rises like a vampire from its basic tiny coffin, thanks to the spicy, oaky, tobacco-laced flavor of a good Kentucky bourbon.

This one's a sip 'n' taste-er for those of us who have a minute to kick back for some Fall campfire action, or a "Nosferatu" marathon on the sofa. We might go for an oaky, apple-pie like Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, or a Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke Bourbon if we're really feeling ourselves. And obviously, don't you dare skimp on the family size bag of M&Ms. The night is young. [Ha-oooooooo!] ... Okay, not quite sure what that is, but also not ruling out "drunk werewolf."

Starburst + bubbly

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! You just turned into rainbows and bubbles. And if you're Team Skittles, absolutely nothing beats this fun and ridiculously effervescent combo. It's fruity, it's vibrant, it's flavor for days. As long as you're giggling and floating around the ceiling fan by the end of the night, you're doing it right.

Since many of us have probably sampled (or chugged) a Starburst-themed shot or cocktail at least once in college, you're likely already hip to the candy's hidden talent: It makes any booze taste great. Grab a bag of the original flavors (strawberry, lemon, orange, and cherry), or dress things up with half-n-half Starburst duos in strawberry watermelon, and blue raspberry lemonade. Any flavor works. Of course, their all-pink bag might be happiest with a Barbie, or "Legally Blonde"-themed snack tray with pink champagne. 

But you don't need to go busting the bank on the first Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne you can find. This is a case where no matter what type of bubbles you sip, the candy immediately Starbursts onto the stage to sweeten your palette. Here, we'd go for something smooth and drinkable like a La Marca Prosecco. Or, throw caution to the howling wind with the even more budget-friendly Korbel — if ya' klassy. (It's okay. The Starburst will save you.)

Gummy bears + chardonnay

We treat our little teddy bear friends with dignity and respect ... by biting their heads off first, so they don't remember the rest. Gummy bears and chardonnay may be the title of our future memoir, but they also make up one of the most delicious candy and wine combos in modern history. And judging by how many of us love those fun size packs of gummy bears this time of year, you can't get any more Halloween-y.

While we could have doubled-down on the sweet factor, this duo is all about that effortless play between sugar and acid. Chardonnay typically tastes semi-dry and maybe a little oak-y, or mineral-like. Depending on the wine-making process, it might even taste like butter. But all of these features play really well against a tiny bear that's made up of what seems to be 1,000% sugar. (Hello, that's why we love 'em!)

Please, for the love of all things holy, don't just dump a bunch of bears into the bottom of your wine glass. We don't want them to haphazardly flavor the wine (or appear as a terrifying bunch of bigger gummy bears tomorrow morning, when you realize you forgot about your glass and the bears soaked up all the wine.) Instead, enjoy their unique flavors in your mouth, not your stemware. Also, just in case you were wondering, those clear-looking Haribo brand Goldbears are, in fact, pineapple flavored. Also, they might be ghosts — but we'll get back to you on that one.

Hershey's Kisses + peanut butter whiskey

If you've never tasted peanut butter whiskey before, you're officially very welcome. A few milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses, with a neat glass of peanut butter whiskey, and — turn out the porch light — you've got yourself a thriller for your mouth.

Chocolate and peanut butter might just be the winningest combo out there. But here, the flavors come from all different directions. The salty, smooth peanut butter flavor plays well against the sweet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. And the whiskey warms things up, from the first sip, right down to your belly. We're so warm and toasty we didn't realize it's one of those freezing cold Halloweens where the kids are wearing North Face under their princess costumes. And also that we're not wearing pants — be right back!

We really like Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, for its not-too-sweet, not-too-rich, still-tastes-like-whiskey flavor profile. (And the realistic peanut butter flavor.) These whiskies run the gamut from "OMG PB," to "just a light touch of the good stuff," so, considering our pairing, go for one that contrasts well with the most chocolatey kiss in the world.

Sour Patch Kids + tequila

Ah, the only time children and tequila go together. Our favorite movie theater candy meets the best vacation booze there is with this combo: Sour Patch Kids and a smooth blanco tequila. Niños! Vámonos!

This might not look at all like a margarita, but it sure tastes like one. Riding the coattails of the classic cocktail, sweet and sour flavors find themselves reuniting like old pals with the initial lip-pursing punch of the Sour Patch Kids, followed by a smooth sip of tequila, and a sweet, happy ending. Also available in: Lick the Sour Patch Kid, do a shot of tequila, and then rip into the sweet and sour child with your teeth like you mean it. (It's Halloween. It's on brand.)

For this one, we like an un-aged, smooth, fruity sipper like Espolón Blanco Tequila with notes of agave, vanilla, and lemon zest. Bonus, the bottle label features a skeleton-based skirmish that totally goes with our fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. We don't even care that our tongue and the roof of our mouth is now shredded from sucking too hard on candy that's basically covered in sour sandpaper. (Worth it.) You know those Sour Patch "Big Kids" that are twice the size of the normal sour Patch Kids? Yeah. They're definitely coming to life in the middle of the night.

Snickers + apple brandy

We heard you yelling "adult flavor profile" from the peanut gallery. And this pairing launches both Snickers and apple brandy into another stratosphere. Basically, it tastes like a freakin' caramel-covered apple. Except you don't need the jaws of life to get it out of your teeth.

Just as a refresher for those of us who haven't Snickers'd recently, this is the candy bar with the caramel and peanuts layered on top of the fluffy nougat, all covered in chocolate. (The other one — 3 Musketeers — is made of clouds on the inside and is dead to us.) Apple brandy serves up all that ripe apple flavor, with some of the aged varieties packing a little heat in the spicy clove, and oaky vanilla departments. For this mouth-based dessert party, pretty much any apple-based liquor works.

But we tip our white, powdered costume wig to one of the oldest family-run distilleries in United States history, Laird & Company, with Laird's Applejack. It's technically a whiskey-type spirit now that they lowered the alcohol content to [cough] 80 proof. They've been low key cranking it out since 1698, later gifting George Washington the secret recipe. George freakin' Washington. With that kind of heritage, you know this stuff is haunted. Go ahead and sink into this combo like your favorite leather chair. And don't worry too much about the colonial woman floating outside the window.

Twix + spiced rum

You know we couldn't do Spooky Season without a pirate. So the Captain Morgan and Twix combo it is, matey! And, um, we're looting stranger kids' candy bags for these things. That buttery cookie crunch, with the smooth, velvety caramel, and the milk chocolate coating? We'd sell both our wooden legs for a king size.

This one's for all you zombies out there: a real no-brainer. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold goes down super smooth with warm vanilla, brown sugar, and oaky spice. Those are basically the first ingredients in every seasonal baked goods recipe, right? Add a little caramel, cookie, and chocolate? Get out of town. Can we dunk it? We're gonna dunk it. We started this party, we do what we want. 

These flavors don't necessarily contrast each other, but they don't need to. Here, they're definitely complimentary peas in a pod. Now we just have to actually decide whether the left or right Twix is the best one. Oh. Too bad. Someone ate them already. Arrrr! C'mon — you were thinking it, too! 

Candy corn + beer

It wouldn't be Halloween without America's favorite love-to-hate-it treat, candy corn. Made of melted candle wax (just kidding, candy corn — huge fans!), once the leaves start falling, we collectively order a fresh pumpkin spice latte, and fully dive into the candy corn debate. Every. Single. Year. Why is it called "corn"? What does it actually taste like? It's been around since the late 1800s and we still can't agree on anything about it. For those of us who enjoy the corn of our forefathers, half of us eat it whole, and the rest start with the little tiny white tip on the end. But you know what we can all agree on? Candy corn is gangbusters with beer.

Think of it as corn on corn, but with what amounts to a miniature sugar sculpture playing off a nice, freshly cracked cold one. We like an on-theme Rogue Dead Guy Ale with the black and white skeleton label, or Ommegang All Hallows Dark Lager, where a zombie comes to life just to toss off one last pint. Righteous.

Fair warning, candy corn is not for the "not really a sweets person" people. It's so clearly made with loads of sugar and crazy coloring — and it still somehow manages to out-sweet "cloying" and hit the home run on "inhumanly saccharine." (We know, right? It's delicious!) That's what the beer is for, to balance out that sweetastic vibe. And maybe — with enough of those Dead Guys — it will also make you forget you're actually eating candy corn.