Club's Newest Crackers Are Flavored With Butter Chardonnay

Club Crackers announced a new product that makes for a nice addition to poolside snacking, charcuterie boards, and Tik Tok trending "girl dinners." Club Crackers, owned by Kellogg, announced in a press release that it has teamed up with JaM Cellars to create Club Mini Crackers infused with Butter Chardonnay, available for snacking as of August 7. 

Club Crackers are known for being super buttery, and the Butter Chardonnay from JaM Cellars is creamy and decadent making for a unique, bite-sized, snack. If you are ready to host a perfect picnic with crackers and wine in tow, you can purchase an insulated tote bag packed with the new Club x Butter Chardonnay Minis and cans of Butter Chardonnay. The two companies are also hosting a sweepstakes with a weekend trip to the JaM Cellars' Wine & Music Studio on the line. Chardonnay drinkers and Club Cracker fans can enter the sweepstakes and buy the tote online at

JaM Cellars is an award-winning winery based out of Napa Valley, California where a wife and husband team make quintessential, bold, California wines. Butter Chardonnay actually has the second highest sales of all chardonnays available in the United States for $12 a bottle or more as of 2021. JaM Cellars has expanded the Butter brand family to include a cabernet and sparkling wine, and the Butter Chardonnay remains an affordable favorite. Club Crackers are at the forefront of cracker flavor innovation, so it's no surprise that these two companies came together to make something new.

Why are Club Crackers and Butter Chardonnay a good pair?

Co-founder of JaM Cellars Michele Truchard said that the two companies came together for "taste testing to create the perfect bite that really complements the wine." Original Club Crackers are described as being "flaky and buttery with a hint of salt and a melt-in-your-mouth texture." JaM Cellars also says its Butter Chardonnay "melts in your mouth." That creamy quality and butter-reminiscent taste of chardonnay comes from malolactic fermentation where malic acid, the component that makes apples and many other fruits tart, is converted to lactic acid, the compound responsible for that delectable tang in fermented dairy products. 

The Club x Butter Chardonnay Minis pair like with like, and the saltiness of the cracker also highlights the juicy stone fruit and baked citrus qualities of the wine, both in the flavor of the cracker itself and as an accompaniment to a glass of Butter Chardonnay. Club x Butter Chardonnay Minis are a limited-release flavor, so if you're intrigued, take a sip, or rather, take a bite!