OK, Let's Attempt To Define Pizza

You guys definitely have opinions about pizza, this I've gathered from the response to the following Food Republic articles:

Let's keep the conversation going. What is pizza, and what is not pizza but mere cheese on crust action with no claim to the family name?

The Hawaiian pizza and other well-known variations are legitimate children of the pizza family. Buffalo chicken pizza is not in that family, nor is French bread, or pizza bagels of any size or denomination. Other bastards include frozen pizza, cone-shaped pizza and pizza with so much arugula on top you can't even see the pizza. That is a salad.

Macaroni and cheese pizza is not a thing. Pizza with gorgonzola and figs is.

Meat Lover's Pizza is a thing, which is why I capitalized it, out of respect. Hot dog stuffed crust pizza is not. Also, please don't make crusts out of cheeseburgers. One thing at a time.

Taco Bell's Mexican pizza is not. The attached Pizza Hut's pizza is also not.

Deep-dish is a thing. Deep-fried is not.

Pizza with tempeh, soyrizo or any other kind of soysage is not. Pizza with pepperoni is.

Let's play this game — hit our Facebook wall and give me one pizza that's okay and one that's not. I'll post the best ones next week.

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