Swap Your Spoon With Pita Bread For Fun, Satisfying Lunches

Lunch can be a tricky meal since we eat it in the middle of a work or school day. It's the only meal that requires advance packing if you're away from home, so planning and preparation are necessary. Amidst a busy schedule, we often crave quick and satisfying options. While lighter lunches are popular to avoid feeling sluggish, sometimes a salad doesn't leave us feeling fully satisfied, and that's where pita bread comes in.

Pita bread is a versatile choice that can enhance your lunch. Whether you've packed a salad and need an extra boost or have some hummus and cheese in your fridge, pita bread is the great equalizer. You can tear off pieces and use them to scoop up your lunch, be it a finely chopped salad, a flavorful rice dish, your favorite dips, or even leftover grilled chicken from the night before. Not only will using a pita pocket leave you feeling more satisfied and full afterward, but it also means you don't have to pack silverware if you're leaving the house.

Not just for hummus

While there's nothing wrong with making sliced bread or tortillas your go-to bread for lunch, pita bread has some really wonderful health benefits that might have you reaching for it a bit more often than you're used to. Pita is a great source of iron, magnesium, fiber, and B vitamins. It's also much less calorically dense than other types of bread, which can be helpful for anyone who's wanting a healthier lunch option.

Not only is pita a wonderfully healthy bread option for lunch, but the shape of it gives you a multitude of options for how to eat your meal. Cut a slit in your pita and stuff your lunch food in it, and you've got a perfect vehicle. Or, for a smaller portion, cut the pita in half and then fill each pocket with your salad, dips, meat, vegetables, etc. Another option is to simply tear off bits of the pita bread near the crease and use that to pick up your food and eat smaller bites. Pita bread is also a great vehicle for sopping up any leftover sauce or dressing at the completion of your meal.

It's fun for kids

If your workday consists of being the primary caregiver for your children, you may be consistently searching for ways to entertain, educate, and nourish your kids. One of the most fun ways to do this can be surrounding their meals since good meals will keep them happy, healthy, and satisfied.

While it's a vital skill for children to learn how to properly use utensils, sometimes eating with your hands is just plain 'ol good fun. By allowing children to eat their meal using a pita pocket, they'll have a chance to get creative, have some fun, and might be even more excited about the food you're filling the pita with. Nothing is more useful when wanting children to eat their veggies or try a new dish than when it's paired with a game.

As a bonus, pita bread is also perfect for making small, individual-sized pizzas at home with your little ones. Next time you want to make lunch more interesting, leave the silverware in the drawer and break out the pita.