This Negroni Bianco has a rich history, and a hint of bergamot. Rosolio was a drink made for and by royalty, dating back to the fifteenth century. It is enjoyed in celebration of the time-honored drinking occasion of aperitivo. ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto is the first modern rosolio created by Giuseppe Gallo, an authority on Italian spirits, to bring back this forgotten category. Taking inspiration from the rosolio created for kings three centuries ago, Giuseppe has produced a rosolio for the modern palate driven by innovation and creativity. Derived from his mother’s own limoncello recipe, ITALICUS is made in Giuseppe’s home of Torino and contains Calabrian Bergamot orange, chamomile, Sicilian citron, lavender, yellow rose petals and gentian root. The striking bottle design embodies the history and heritage of Italy’s distinctive regions, while telling the story of Rosolio’s time-honored traditional drinking occasion of Aperitivo.

Negroni bianco with bottle of Italicus