Chopped Judge Marc Murphy Talks Restaurants, TV Magic On FR Today

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You know Marc Murphy as one of the esteemed judges on Food Network's Chopped. Today he stops by our podcast studio to chat about, well, a lot: New York's real estate situation and how it affects restaurants, how he likes chopping it up on Chopped, becoming a chef, listening to Bach while biking around Manhattan and more. We wrap up with comedian and writer Keri Lumm telling us about a time farm-to-table got a little too personal. But first, the news:

Today's News:

  • Brooklyn's restaurant scene is New York's most exciting.
  • Eater's chief critic Ryan Sutton wrote an essay about why he loves the $12 taco at Atla. Not everyone is down with the idea of an expensive version of street food.
  • Veganism continues to rise in New York, London and elsewhere.
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