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Chef Curtis Stone drops some serious knowledge about Rioja wines on this episode.

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Curtis Stone is one of the few celebrity chefs who can boast of being well-known on three continents. Yet the camera-ready Aussie who rose to fame in Marco Pierre White’s kitchens and then went stratospheric on TV isn’t the type to brag — or to rest on his laurels. A few years ago, he opened a restaurant in Beverly Hills, Maude, that focused on one ingredient each month, both to showcase seasonality but also to challenge the chef himself and his team. Last month, Maude debuted a new concept, changing quarterly this time, in which Stone and key staffers will decamp to a well-known wine region to study its cuisine, culture and people, and then bring it back to LA for a gastronomic experience with special wine pairings.

On today’s episode, Stone details the research trip to Rioja, Spain and fills us in on how Maude has adapted to this wine-forward concept in its first iteration, which runs through the end of March. He also indulges our curiosity about working for White, the famed London bad-boy chef, and even reminisces about his time on Celebrity Apprentice while it was hosted by a certain American president. Today’s episode wraps up with Bad Yelp Reviews of Good Restaurants. But first, the news:

Today’s News:

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