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On today’s episode, the founder of the Raw Wine fairs, Isabelle Legeron, explains the fast-growing appeal of natural wines, and lets us in on a little secret about how to avoid hangovers. Plus, the London-based, French-born Legeron previews the Raw Wine events coming to NYC and Los Angeles during the next two weeks. In “Field Reports,” we’ll see what Alex Stupak and Barbara Lynch have to say about the intersection of real estate and restaurants. And Scott Conant closes things out with a Strong Opinion.

Isabelle Legeron photo
Isabelle Legeron is the author of Natural Wine and founder of Raw Wine fair, which is on its way to New York and Los Angeles in coming weeks.

Today’s news:

  • If it bleeds, it leads; that’s why were talking Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger, and the rise of plant-based proteins.
  • The pros and cons of Michelin stars in the restaurant world.
  • Bits: Restaurant news from Portland and LA.

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