Food Slime News: Check Out These Crazy Japanese Squishy Toys!

While we're all busy playing with our food,  sometimes you need to look outside your comfort zone to discover the next internet-breaking novelty. Latest finding: these videos of Japanese capsule toys that put the plastic surprises found in American toy machines to absolute shame. Sticky stretchy hands, meet canned meat squishies:

Don't you just want to smoosh that weird thing all day long? No seriously, I'm asking. I still don't quite understand the whole food slime appeal, but not for lack of trying. And while we're on the topic, here's a fun way to enjoy those addictive Japanese white bread sandwiches. Tonkatsu, omelet, yakisoba — if they can make it, you can squish it.

And if you find all these "just okay" but really want to get your whole hand into it, (indicating that you are in fact a fan of food squishies and slime) there's a whole pile of rice balls for you to handle. Complete with magnetic seaweed and surprise filling, this is one ultra-satisfying lunchtime treat.