Welcome to the FResh List! Each week, the dedicated staffers in FR’s New York City office compile a list of all the random things on their minds about the world of food and drink and beyond. These are their latest obsessions, rounded up in a somewhat organized fashion:

1. Cheese. America has waaaaay too much. Is this why the FDA is denying us the French stuff?
2. Chocolate pudding (thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things).
3. This Eggo-clenching baby (also thanks to Stranger Things):

Our friend has superpowers, and she squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind. #StrangerThings #eleven

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4. Slaughterhouse transparency. It’s a thing now.
5. Prison ramen: Got any to trade?
6. Fish tacos: Did we mention our favorite endangered Korean-Mexican joint is still cranking ’em out?
7. Cabernet Franc: It’s like the sour beer of wine.
8. Duck schnitzel at NYC’s Narcissa: Get some.
9. The French dip at NYC’s Dirty French: so necessary.
9. Courtside sushi. Advantage: chef Morimoto.

🎾+🍣 All the tennis and sushi you want by Iron Chef @chef_morimoto at the US Open. #flavoroftheopen #Fravorites

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11. Amatrice. Tragic. This is where amatriciana pasta comes from. You can help out the relief efforts here.
12. This New York Times story about how tech is killing the Bay Area’s restaurant scene.
13. The Jim Gaffigan Show, RIP: So much great food humor packed into half-hour episodes, sadly gone after two seasons. You were right, Jim, Gruyère is just another word for Swiss cheese.
14. Generation Chef, Risking It All for a New American Dream: New book follows Jonah Miller as he jumps ship from NYC’s Maialino to open his own restaurant, Huertas. Meet him here:

15. Bagel boomtimes.
16. The woman who unfollowed us on Instagram for posting a photo of David Chang’s stupid chicken sandwich.
17. This commenter on our story about D.C. chefs imagining life under Donald Trump: “I’d love to see Trump serve the Premier of China some NYC Cantonese take out or possibly even Panda Express.”
18. Please don’t co-opt the chopped cheese sandwich.
19. The carrot crepe at Olmsted in Brooklyn. Is it a carrot? A crepe? Who cares? It’s delicious.
20. Pokémon-themed hamburgers: Really?
21. Frank Ocean.