You and your pet — you’re not so different. Cats enjoy salmon dinners just as much as you do, and the same goes for peanut butter and your dog.

Which is why a Japanese company has created a snack that you and your feline friend can enjoy together. Neco Republic, a company that operates a chain of cat cafés, pet supply stores and cat rescue missions, is now selling a line of fish-based treats called Neco Meshi (that’s Japanese for “cat food”), according to RocketNews24. The snacks are comprised of grilled and smoked bonito, dried herrings and sardines, and a mackerel furikake — a dry seasoning that’s usually sprinkled on rice.

The idea isn’t too far-fetched — dogs have been known to enjoy table scraps, and this author’s own cats enjoy bits of Thanksgiving turkey. Cat and dog food also come in flavors familiar to humans, like salmon, turkey and bacon. It’s also been reported that Nestlé, the same company that will cater a dinner for you and your cat in Japan, is making pet food to be more like human food — Neco Meshi just takes it one step further.

Fast-food chains such as Dairy Queen, Shake Shack and Starbucks have also been known to give out dog treats. Vanille, a French patisserie in Chicago, recently announced that Puparons — that’s right, macarons for your canine companion — will soon be available to the masses. The fictional Norville Rogers, better known as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, shared Scooby Snacks with his famed Great Dane all the time. Beers for dogs have been brewed; even the angelic Ina Garten has a recipe for whole wheat and peanut butter dog biscuits, which sound pretty darn good.