Nestlé Japan Wants To Feed Both You And Your Cat

You've heard of hiring a private chef to come to your home and cook; you can even rent a grandparent to do just that in France. And now you can hire a chef to cook a dinner for two: namely, for you and your cat, according to RocketNews 24.

The cat-ering service is Nestlé Japan's move to promote its new line of highbrow cat food, Mon Petit. And it turns out that Sir Fluffikins and you are basically eating the same food, aside from dessert (a blancmange with berries and cream for owner and a meow-thful of seafood treats for kitty — yes, we can keep going all day). The appetizer features a maguro (tuna) and bonito from the pouch for the cat and maguro and vegetables for owner; seafood soup is next, followed by a main course of chicken and vegetables. There may even be some shavings of truffle, as depicted in the video below.

According to Nestlé's website, the whole dinner lasts five hours and costs the owner (unless your cat's the breadwinner) 22,222 yen ($180 U.S.). The dinners will only be available to Tokyo residents in December. Check out the video below. We at Food Republic are all about dining with our furry friends, and even about cooking with them at our sides.