Make Matcha In Minutes At Home With Tea-Ceré

It's easy to see why the world's gone mad for matcha, a finely ground powder made from high quality, whole green tea leaves. Because it has less caffeine than coffee (but more than tea) and contains L-theanine — this helps release caffeine into the bloodstream more slowly — it supplies a smooth, steady stream of energy. And since matcha is created with whole leaves, you'll drink in far more health benefits. In fact, a single cup has ten times more antioxidants than conventional green tea. In addition to boosting your metabolism and immune system, matcha lends a striking emerald hue to everything it's added to, along with a subtle, slightly vegetal aroma.

What's not to love? The time and hassle it takes to make: Traditionally, matcha is prepared in highly ritualized Japanese tea ceremonies called chado or sado, which can last up to four hours. Even making it at home takes some some time and practice (not to mention a bamboo whisk, ladle and tea bowl).

That's why longtime and new matcha fans alike will flip for Tea-Ceré, the world's first at-home matcha maker. The sleekly designed unit does all the legwork, grinding the leaves with ceramic blades, heating the water to an appropriate temperature and whisking the matcha to a perfectly smooth consistency. The individual parts are easy to remove and washable, so cleanup is a breeze.

Don't feel like drinking your matcha the traditional way? No problem. You can take the freshly milled powder and blend it with milk, smoothies, and cocktails for an interesting (and/or healthful) twist. It also lends depth and dimension to sweets like ice cream, cakes, and candy. Plus, Tea-Ceré's smart space-saving design means it'll comfortably fit on even the leanest urban kitchen countertops.