Dave Asprey, pusher of buttered coffee, now wants you to drink water with fat. That’s right, fat.

For almost $4, a bottle of FATwater contains water, two grams of fat and the sweetener xylitol, according to Time. Flavors include berry, lemon, orange and, well, just plain water. The product also comes in water form or as a concentrated gel that you mix into water. You know, for all you DIYers out there.

The fat comes from “Bulletproof XCT Oil”, which comes from coconuts. With that being said, Asprey is presenting FATwater as an alternative to coconut water and not so much as a weight-loss drink, like his coffee-butter concoction. Let the “it’s the new coconut water” claims begin.

Asprey tells Time that his water hydrates the body better than fat-free water and also gives drinkers “a little bump of energy.” However, Time asked a Columbia University professor about the energy factor in FATwater and concluded that it doesn’t do much for the body. Your move, Asprey.

Time staffers also tasted the water, with one person saying they felt like something was coating their mouth. We might just opt for the watermelon water this time around.