People Really Want Butter In Their Coffee

Whether or not you're on the buttered-coffee train, it seems like Bulletproof, the company that started it all, is leaving the station and heading for bigger things.

According to FortuneTrinity Ventures, a company that has played a vital role in helping businesses like P.F. Chang's and Jamba Juice flourish, gifted Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof, $9 million to share his buttered coffee with the world. In case you've been living under a rock for the past few months, Bulletproof coffee allegedly has several health benefits; Asprey claims it helps with weight loss and ups brain functionality. Trinity's generous offering suggests that Asprey is on to something and is worth checking out. And last we checked, Jamba Juice's blenders are still whirring.

What's Asprey going to do with that $9 million check? Why, open buttered-coffee shops, of course! The first venue is scheduled to open in Santa Monica, California, "in the coming weeks," Fortune reports. According to the publication, Asprey had the idea after sipping a cup of buttered tea while hiking in Tibet.

While the newfound funding means that Bulletproof may amount to something more than just a passing craze, it's worth noting that buttered coffee might not be for coffee enthusiasts. Earlier this year, we asked three coffee experts to comment on the taste of the unconventional brew. The verdict? Not so great.