Bacon Is The Salty Crunch Your Guacamole Is Missing

From bacon cheddar burgers to smoky bacon mac and cheese, the addition of bacon can easily upgrade any dish. So why not guacamole? Some prefer a basic guacamole recipe with a handful of household ingredients, while others enjoy a more unique dip adorned with everything from charred corn, to pepitas, even pomegranate seeds! It's a no-brainer, incorporating bacon will enhance the taste of your dip with a smoky, salty punch, and the best part is: it's ridiculously easy to do. 

One thing reigns true: a fresh batch of homemade guac is superior, and to make a bacon rendition, you're going to want to go for the real stuff (yes, that means leaving those bacon bits at the store). The key to a delicious dip is ensuring you're working with fresh, ripe avocados and the crispiest bacon you can. The next time you're whipping up your usual batch of guac, throw some bacon on the stovetop, in the oven, heck even in your air-fryer, and let it cook as you mash and grind away on your avocados. 

It's important to note that regardless of your cooking method preference, soggy bacon has no business in your dip, or truly anywhere for that matter. For the crispiest bacon, consider adding a sprinkle of flour before baking or frying to really increase the crunch. This will ensure a guacamole with a completely elevated flavor profile that will leave your guests rushing for seconds.

Tailor your guacamole to your liking

One of the many reasons guacamole is a fan-favorite appetizer is because of its versatility. Even after adding bacon to your dish, there are still a multitude of ways you can adjust the dip to your liking. Something to consider is that the consistency of your avocado base can really complement the bacon. If you're someone who usually purees your avocados in a blender or food processor for a smooth texture, you may want to go for extra finely chopped bacon to offer a subtle crunch against the creamy base. Whereas a diced or chunky guacamole fan might opt for their bacon in bigger bite-sized slices to sit right on top, for a salty garnish.

Don't eat meat but still want to try? Not to worry, it's worth celebrating that a bacon guac is just as delicious with plant-based alternatives. Tempeh, an Indonesian or Malaysian fermented food made from soybeans is a great substitute for vegans or vegetarians. This protein-packed ingredient can be seasoned and marinated with ingredients such as tamari, paprika, olive oil, and cayenne to taste just as flavorful as bacon. After baking, tempeh crumbles almost effortlessly, making it a tasty topper for your guacamole that even non-vegans will go crazy over.