Your SodaStream Is The Key To Keeping Bagged Salad Fresh

Bagged salads are super convenient, but as we've all seen, they have an infamously short shelf-life once opened before they wilt and go bad. Fortunately, there's an easy way to extend the viability of a bag of greens — just use your SodaStream. 

The SodaStream's intended job is to carbonate homemade sodas by injecting a stream of carbon dioxide into a bottle of plain water. You can also use this function to waken up lettuce. Simply transfer your leftover greens to a ziplock bag, insert the SodaStream siphon into the bag, and inflate. Like the special mix of gases that keeps unopened bagged salads puffy, this added burst of carbon dioxide slows the natural respiration and aging process of greens, helping them stay fresh for longer.  

Of course, you'll have to reseal the bag and keep it sealed to hold the gas in until it's time to serve more salad. And each time you go in for a new serving, don't forget to inject in more carbon dioxide before you put the bag back in the fridge.

Other ways you can keep your bagged salad fresh

If you don't have a SodaStream, there are other options to keep bagged salad in good condition. An easier (and cheaper) way to "charge" a salad bag with carbon dioxide is simply to blow into it. But for obvious reasons, this is only a workable solution if you are healthy and if you (and maybe your life partner and/or kids) are the only ones who are going to eat the greens.

There are other simple steps to keep your bagged salad fresh. First, check expiration dates when you shop; if you plan to keep the lettuce around for a while, seek out newer bags (which may be towards the back of the display case). Another useful trick is to put a folded paper towel in the bag after it's opened to wick away any moisture, as excess can cause greens to wilt or rot. 

Also, check often for wilting or browned leaves and remove them immediately so they don't cause the other greens to go bad as close exposure can impact healthy specimens. If you need greens that will stay fresh and presentable for several days, opt for sturdier options such as kale or spinach.