Starbucks Hard-Launches A New Summer Menu That Highlights Plant-Based Drinks

It might be a few weeks still till temperatures rise enough for summer to officially commence, but if you ask Starbucks, the season of backyard barbecues, beach picnics, and iced refreshers has already begun. The chain will roll out its summer menu across stores in the U.S. starting Tuesday, May 7, and fans can expect plenty of new suspects as well as returning favorites.

Lavender was the star of Starbucks' spring lineup, but summer is all about fruity beverages with three new Refreshers in the pipeline. First on the menu is the Summer-Berry Starbucks Refreshers Beverage made from a blend of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry flavors and shaken with ice. Fans can also order the Summer-Berry Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers Beverage, which is the same drink topped with lemonade, or the plant-based version called Summer Skies Drink made with coconut milk instead. Each of the three blue-tinted drinks will be poured over popping raspberry-flavored pearls inspired by boba — a rumor confirmed after days of speculation that Starbucks was launching its own version of boba this summer.

Joining the trio is the toasted cookie crumble-topped White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew, which will return for the second summer. Those heading to the Starbucks Reserves in Chicago, Seattle, or New York will also find a new tipple on the menu. Made from Starbucks Reserve coffee and Ten to One Dark Rum, the Pineapple Rum Float will offer visitors a liquid version of a pineapple upside-down cake.

Starbucks is bringing new bakes, merch, and sweet summer deals

'Tis the season of fruits on Starbucks' summer food menu as well. Fans can expect two new sweet bakes on offer at stores: a pineapple cloud cake and an orange cream cake pop. Starbucks Reserve will roll out its own food menu with a new strawberry lemon tart and tropical coconut mousse cake on it, as well as the returning strawberry maritozzo. Anyone looking for a savory bite in the sweet menu will also find the sausage and grilled pepper pizza making a comeback this year alongside a new zucchini and burrata one.

The Starbucks and Stanley collab — which has caused Black Friday-like lines outside Target in the past — will get a summer spin too. The collection may vary depending on the store, but fans will see new cold cups and tumblers alongside a gradient Stanley quencher. Before you make a beeline for Starbucks though, be sure to check the app for fresh summer deals as well. Fans will find a personalized offer in their app every Monday of May starting the 13th, and a 50% discount on any handcrafted beverage every Friday of the month between 12 to 6 p.m. local time. With all the icy drinks, boba-inspired refreshers, and tropical bakes to choose from, these rewards are sure to come in handy!