Stanley's Latest Collab With Starbucks Causes Black Friday-Like Lines At Target

January 3, 2024, was definitely not a typical morning at Target stores across the country. Witnessing customers lining up in the early hours, with some even camping overnight outside the bullseye-branded store, one might have mistaken it for Black Friday, with parents eager to grab the toy-of-the-moment. However, this time, a wide range of ages were determined to get their hands on the latest collaboration between Starbucks and Stanley, the latter known for its trendy, seemingly indestructible reusable tumblers. The 40-ounce Quencher cup, in a limited-edition "Winter Pink" color, was set to release exclusively at Target stores.

Eager shoppers were undeterred by the eye-popping $49.95 price tag, quickly snapping up the bubblegum-hued sipper. Social media videos captured not only the long lines outside stores before opening, but also incidents of line-cutting, disputes, and even attempted robberies over the coveted cups. Unfortunately for those who missed out, there are no plans for Stanley and Starbucks to restock this new color. It seems the best chance to purchase one now is through resale sites like eBay and Poshmark, but be prepared to potentially shell out hundreds of dollars.

Third time's the charm

This isn't the first collaboration between Target-based Starbucks and Stanley to launch a new color of the popular tumblers; it's the third. In 2023, the duo released limited-edition colors in both May and November. During the November launch of a holiday red color — which coincided with Starbucks' annual holiday cup release — there were similar stories of people pitching tents and camping out in Target parking lots in anticipation of the launch day. Target plans to release even more Stanley tumblers in new colors and prints throughout 2024, spurred by the wild success of the partnership.

Despite the abundance of sturdy, reusable cups on the market, the Stanley brand has become enormously popular, with much credit going to social media videos that often feature the line's "Quencher" model, and its impressive durability. According to Forbes, Stanley's revenue soared from $74 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023. If the latest "Winter Pink" Stanley X Starbucks release is any indication of the company's trajectory in 2024, it's poised to be a very successful year — so long as the competitive fervor can be safely managed.