Taylor Swift's Favorite Foods To Throw On The Grill

Taylor Swift has always really enjoyed cooking, whether she is baking a comforting sweet treat as a gift, hosting a dinner party for friends, or helping her mom in the kitchen. She is also a girl who loves the grill. For her — and anyone that appreciates that kiss of smoke and an ice cold bevvy — grilling, in particular, is an experience that really turns the heat up on the summer season.

Despite the bold glitter, tassels, fringe, and tulle Swift has come to be known for in her concerts, her picks for the grill are a lot more straightforward. She is a fan of simple proteins like marinated chicken or a classic all-American cheeseburger. As for the sides, consider veggies that can stand up to the char of your grill. Her favorites are garlic green beans, carrots, or broccoli, which are all great choices — especially when cooked with flavorful additions for next-level grilling. Take a page out of Swift's book, and use vegetable baskets to make sure smaller pieces and slices do not accidentally fall through the grates. Plus, it makes it super easy to pull them off in one fell swoop when they are ready.

Taylor Swift's favorite grilled chicken recipes from celebrity chefs

Taylor Swift has not publicly dished on exactly how she prepares ingredients for the grill, but she has said that she is very inspired by the cooking techniques and style of Queen Ina Garten. For her part, Garten prefers a charcoal grill over gas for cooking up dishes like Tuscan lemon grilled chicken seasoned with plenty of garlic, rosemary, and fresh lemon zest and juice. Pair it with Taylor Swift's beloved, five-ingredient, French Blonde cocktail, and that sounds like exactly the kind of meal that would make it onto this pop star's table.

In an interview with Elle, Swift also said that one her favorite go-to recipes is a chicken fajita dish with molé sauce from chef Jamie Oliver. The chicken gets marinated in cumin, chili powder, and lime juice, and the shortcut, molé-ish sauce has tomatoes, warm spices, chipotle paste, and dark chocolate. With tender bell peppers, a dollop of yogurt, fresh cilantro, and warm flour tortillas, it is easy to see why Swift would happily make this celebrity favorite chicken dish on the grill.