Everything Legendary: Here's What Happened After Shark Tank

"Shark Tank" has seen several plant-based business owners walk through its doors since its inception. Though not all managed to woo the Sharks with their vegan offerings, a few, like Numillk and Umaro Foods, went on to snag significant deals in the show's two-decade-long history. Through it all, one thing became clear: The plant-based industry has been booming in America, and the Sharks were willing investors who wanted to be a part of it. So, when Duane Myko, Danita Claytor, and Jumoke Jackson appeared on Season 12, Episode 15 of the show with Everything Legendary, their meat-free burgers quickly sparked interest among the panel of investors.

The idea for Everything Legendary came when Myko's mother was driven to go vegan following a diagnosis of lupus. Finding only lackluster plant-based options with disappointing flavor and texture to satisfy her burger cravings, she reached out to her son for a solution. With his 30-year experience in the vegan industry, Myko came up with the concept of Everything Legendary.

The entrepreneur prided himself on the fact that his plant-based burgers weren't made with obscure ingredients in a science lab; they were tasty meat-free patties created personally by Jackson. They replicated the flavor and texture of their meaty counterparts, and happened to be just as juicy. But would that be enough to convince the Sharks to bite into the plant-based burger business?

What happened to Everything Legendary on Shark Tank?

Everything Legendary's pitch began with a bold claim: Duane Myko told the Sharks that the burgers were the plant-based equivalents of wagyu, caviar, and Kobe beef in terms of their superior taste and quality. While that certainly earned the entrepreneur a few chuckles, the Sharks were indeed delighted by the taste and texture of the burgers. Kevin O'Leary even added that it was the best plant-based burger he had ever had. To top it off, Everything Legendary had made $165,000 in sales since opening in June 2019, with a profit of $53,000.

However, Barbara Corcoran believed that the patties were priced 30 times higher than its competitors, which couldn't be justified despite Everything Legendary's positioning as the wagyu of plant-based burgers. There were also concerns about the company's valuation and lack of customer acquisition costs. Corcoran and Mr. Wonderful didn't believe that it was worth investing $300,000 in Everything Legendary in exchange for 10% of equity and backed out. But it wasn't the end of the road for the entrepreneurs just yet.

Mark Cuban is known to invest in food and beverage companies on the show, especially those that are vegan or focus on all things natural and nutritional. Everything Legendary was no exception: It intrigued Cuban enough to make an offer, though he wanted a 25% stake in the company. After quick negotiations, the entrepreneurs ultimately shook hands with Cuban for $300,000 in exchange for 22% of equity.

Everything Legendary after Shark Tank

Things were rocky at best for the business owners before they appeared on "Shark Tank." Everything Legendary started with the entrepreneurs' personal savings and credit card purchases that amounted to a total of $47,000, but funds were running dry — Duane Myko's own home was in foreclosure, and his car had been repossessed. However, "Shark Tank" turned the tide for him.

The deal with Mark Cuban was finalized on paper, and the Shark later told LiveKindly that he "invested [in Everything Legendary] because the product was better than any Impossible or Beyond burger I have had." Backed by Cuban, the entrepreneurs moved their production from Myko's mother's kitchen to larger facilities. They enlisted the help of three co-packers and two national distribution centers, which together helped them produce 160,000 burgers every hour.

Things only got better once their episode aired on national television. Within a day, Everything Legendary made $250,000 — more than what it had made in its entire lifespan. Sales soared to $1.7 million over the next four months, and the company reached the $10 million mark a year later. Everything Legendary's retail presence also expanded: It launched in nearly 1,000 stores, including Target and Safeway, and sold 1 million pounds worth of items in the three months following the telecast.

Is Everything Legendary still in business?

Everything Legendary is still in business, and has grown exponentially since appearing on "Shark Tank." Initially, the company only offered plant-based burgers and a vegan, dairy-free sauce, but since then, more items have been added to the menu. Everything Legendary's website now lists plant-based dragon "wyngz" made from wheat flour and lightly seasoned pea protein mince, which replicates ground meat.

Although Mark Cuban was keen on pivoting Everything Legendary into a business that operated cloud kitchens and delivered cooked plant-based meals through apps like Uber Eats, that doesn't seem to be the case currently. The company mostly sells its products through its website and has focused on growing in retail stores. The burgers, sauces, mince, and wings have made their way to national chains such as Whole Foods, Publix, and over 1,000 stores under the Kroger banner. Everything Legendary also caters for events through the company's food truck.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurs have received more investment since the show to fuel the company's growth. In 2022, Everything Legendary raised $6 million in Series A funding, which included another investment from Cuban. With that, the company snagged an equity partnership with Live Nation, under which Everything Legendary's plant-based grub will fuel hungry revelers at music festivals across America. Beyond events and supermarkets, Everything Legendary has also made its way to college campuses: Its burgers and wings are now served in the dining halls of Bowie State University and Morgan State University.

What's next for Everything Legendary?

If the years since "Shark Tank" are any indication, Everything Legendary will only continue to grow. When the entrepreneurs raised 6 million dollars in 2022, they hoped to use the funding to develop more meat-free products beyond patties and ground meat. Though they've already launched all-new chicken wings, items such as plant-based breakfast patties, sausages, nuggets, lasagna, and more are planned for the coming years. With these expansions, the founders aim to take their old and new products to even more national chains, and increase their retail presence to over 5,600 stores.

The expansion doesn't stop in America; Duane Myko wants to take Everything Legendary global. Perhaps fans will spot the meat-free burgers while dining at an eatery in the future too! Ultimately, the founders of Everything Legendary hope to encourage their customers to join the plant-based revolution with them. "Our goal is to show the world that the future is plant-based," the company told Choose Veg. Taking Everything Legendary to national music events, college campuses, and big-name retailers only seems to be the beginning for them.