The Grocery Stores That Are Open On Memorial Day

Held on the last Monday of May each year, Memorial Day honors the fallen heroes who died in service of the U.S., and for many, it also marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Temperatures warm up, summer breaks commence, and it's time to dust off the old grill and have a celebratory barbecue to remember. However, even if you arm yourself with useful tools that make hosting a dinner party stress-free, you might find yourself scrambling to make a grocery run at the eleventh hour for something you forgot. Before you make that trip, be sure to check whether your go-to supermarket will be open on the day.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday, which means most retailers will be closed, but fret not: Some stores stay open to cater to inevitable last-minute needs, and we have a list of the most popular chains to head to. Some are operational for shorter hours, while others are open full-time. Even if your barbecue preparation doesn't go off without a hitch (does it ever?), if one of these stores are open near you, your backyard party is sure to have entrees on the grill, finger foods laid out, and your fridge will be stocked with chilled beers and big-batch cocktails.

Aldi will operate with limited hours on Memorial Day

Aldi is known for its cheap groceries, which can be a lifesaver when you're hosting a big crowd at your place. Though the chain closes its shutters on holidays such as Christmas, New Year's, and Thanksgiving, it remains open on Memorial Day. That said, operational hours are limited and may be shorter than usual, so you'll want to make your last-minute run sooner rather than later (no telling yourself you'll just grab everything right before the party!). It's best to check Aldi's store finder to find out the schedule of the specific store that you plan to visit.

Sam's Club has different hours for Plus and Club members

Costco and Sam's Club are two of the biggest membership-based bulk-buying chains, and while the former doesn't operate on Memorial Day, the latter does. Sam's Club stores will stay open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for all club members. However, much like any other day, Plus members get a two-hour head start and can begin their holiday shopping starting at 8 a.m. Those extra hours are sure to come in handy when you're gunning for the store's famous tuxedo bar cake with chocolate mousse, which is ranked among the best fresh baked goods at popular grocery chains.

H-E-B will remain open as usual on Memorial Day

Schedule-wise, Memorial Day will be treated like a normal Monday at H-E-B. Stores will remain open according to their regular hours, so you should be able to grab more beer (or tub of ice cream to top your apple pie) later in the evening. The same goes for curbside pickups and home deliveries — both will operate as they normally do. However, those hoping to pop into the store's pharmacy during their grocery trip should note that the department will only be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

WinCo Foods is open 24/7

Like H-E-B, it will be business as usual at WinCo Foods for employees and customers on Memorial Day. In fact, the Idaho-based store rarely ever closes. Barring Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, WinCo's stores are open every day of the week all throughout the year. Even better, locations are usually open for 24 hours, so this chain can come to the rescue even if you need supplies for your party later on (we won't judge if your barbecue goes until midnight).

Publix will be open all day

Publix is another chain that seldom closes on holidays, and locations will be operational on Memorial Day as well. Since the chain's first store opened its doors in 1930, the company has only enforced "off days" a total of three times a year: on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The chain is famous for its signature sub sandwiches (or "Pub Subs"), which could be a great item to add to your spread of crowd-pleasing party foods.

Target may remain open

Target has a track record of catering to last-minute shoppers: It often extends its opening hours during the holiday season, rather than curtailing them. The retailer was open on Memorial Day in 2023, so it's very likely that the same may be the case for 2024, but schedules may vary depending on the store. It's best to check the timings of the location you plan to visit on the chain's website. The good news is that your go-to Target will likely operate with usual store hours, instead of shorter ones, if it's ready to go on the day of.